Peace Stories

We have brought you the collections of peace stories, inner peace stories, peoples stories by tales by males. It contians spritual content.

What Is The Estimated Energy Requirement That Human Body Needs

The estimated energy requirement (EER) is said to be the average dietary energy consumption. EER average is used to maintain… Read More

9 months ago

Peace Stories in the Bible

The holy book bible consists of multiple peace stories at the multiple phases in the book. Tales By Males editorial… Read More

1 year ago

How to Find Inner Peace by Sadhguru

In this article, we have brought the wise sayings of Sadhguru modified in the words of Tales By Males editorial… Read More

2 years ago

What will it be like – India after Coronavirus?

India after Coronavirus from my imagination since Coronavirus lockdown came to India about a time when I really needed a… Read More

2 years ago

Short True Love Stories

My Relationship, A Short True Love Stories is about a 4-year long relationship when I was happy. Very, very happy!… Read More

2 years ago

Mathematics of Trust

Mathematics of trust defined with the help of Mathematics. People say how can we trust someone, well here is our… Read More

2 years ago

Happy Independence day!

Happy Independence Day to the billion people of this beautiful country called India. The best and the worst parts of… Read More

2 years ago

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