The Tales of Demons and Gods

The Tales of Demons and Gods by Thyaeria how was born in Malaysia and raised in Singapore. He was addicted to Anime and Manga until a year ago where he starts reading Novels. Legendary Moonlight Sculptor was his first novel and Coiling Dragon was his first Chinese Novel and also inspired me to start translating!

A novel by Madsnail

Rating – 4/5

485 Chapters



Eastern Fantasy

Table of Contents

Synopsis: The Tales of Demons and Gods

The Tales of Demons and God’s character Nie Li became the strongest Demon Spiritualist and stood at the pinnacle of the martial world.

However, he lost his life during the battle with the Sage-Emperor and six deity-ranked beasts. 

His soul was then brought back to when he was still 13 years old. At this point in his life, Nie Li was considered to be the most pathetic of his peers.

However, with the vast knowledge he accumulated from his previous life (his future), he began becoming stronger faster than anyone could expect. 

He also decided to help those who died nobly in his previous life become stronger as well. 

Aiming to avert the future destruction of his home by demon beasts, and to avoid his previous fate of ending up destroyed, Nie Li fights to protect his lover, friends, family, and fellow citizens who died in the beast assault or its aftermath. 

He also aims to destroy the so-called “sacred family,” who will abandon their duty and betray the city.

PLOT of Tales of Demons and Gods – Killed by a Sage Emperor and reborn as his 13-year-old self, Nie Li was given a second chance at life. 

A second chance to change everything and save his loved ones and his beloved city. He shall once again battle with the Sage Emperor to avenge his death and those of his beloved. 

With the vast knowledge of a hundred years of life he accumulated in his previous life, wielding the strongest demon spirits, he shall reach the pinnacle of Martial Arts.

Enmities of the past will be settled in this new lifetime. “Since I’m back, then in this lifetime, I shall become the King of the Gods that dominate everything. Let everything else tremble beneath my feet!”

The Tales of Demons and Gods Chapters: 1 – 100

Chapter 1


Chapter 2


Chapter 3

Punished Standing

Chapter 4

Million Demon Spirit Coin?

Chapter 5


Chapter 6

Xiao Ning’er

Chapter 7

Daoyin Technique

Chapter 8

A Girl’s Heart

Chapter 9

Goddess’s Breakfast

Chapter 10

Book of Divine Lightning Flame

Chapter 11


Chapter 12

Soul Realm

Chapter 13

Testing the Innate Talent!

Chapter 14

Heavenly God Cultivation Technique

Chapter 15


Chapter 16

Demonic Magic?

Chapter 17

Thrown Out

Chapter 18

Inscription Master?

Chapter 19

Childrens of Influential Family

Chapter 20

Purple Haze Grass

Chapter 21

Usage of Purple Haze Grass

Chapter 22

Ice Phoenix

Chapter 23


Chapter 24

Set Off

Chapter 25

Winged Dragon Family

Chapter 26

Soul Forming

Chapter 27

Leave it to me!

Chapter 28

Huyan Lanruo

Chapter 29

One Punch

Chapter 30

Contest of Soul Force

Chapter 31

Snow Sakura Demon Spirit

Chapter 32


Chapter 33

Archery Skills

Chapter 34

Spirit Grade Demon Beast Coin?

Chapter 35

Luring the trouble

Chapter 36


Chapter 37

Emperor Kong Ming

Chapter 38

Remnant Pages

Chapter 39

Abstruse Gemstone

Chapter 40

Shadow Devil Spirit Lamp

Chapter 41

Shen Fei

Chapter 42

Age does not reflect one’s knowledge

Chapter 43

Alchemy Master?

Chapter 44


Chapter 45

Elixir’s Formula

Chapter 46

Nie Li’s master?

Chapter 47

Year examination

Chapter 48

Heavenly Sacred Border

Chapter 49

Strength Test

Chapter 50

Fist Strength

Chapter 51


Chapter 52


Chapter 53

Return home

Chapter 54

Miracle Meridian Hands

Chapter 55

Physique of Heavenly Marks

Chapter 56


Chapter 57

Who Killed Them?

Chapter 58

Genius Class’s Student?

Chapter 59

Director Yang paying a visit

Chapter 60


Chapter 61


Chapter 62

I have money

Chapter 63


Chapter 64

Use it himself

Chapter 65


Chapter 66


Chapter 67

Competing auction

Chapter 68

Unrivalled Treasure

Chapter 69

Sky High Price

Chapter 70

Competing Flame

Chapter 71

Have it’s brilliant uses

Chapter 72

Refining Demon Spirit

Chapter 73

God level growth rate

Chapter 74

Fanged Panda

Chapter 75

Combat Skills

Chapter 76


Chapter 77


Chapter 78


Chapter 79

Soul Weapon Katar

Chapter 80

Long time no see

Chapter 81


Chapter 82

Fanged Panda’s first battle

Chapter 83

You let me win

Chapter 84

Playing something small

Chapter 85


Chapter 86

Fallen unconscious

Chapter 87

Demon Spirit Strengthening Pill

Chapter 88


Chapter 89

Snow Queen

Chapter 90

Into the City Lord’s Mansion

Chapter 91

Living together?

Chapter 92

The City Lord Arrives

Chapter 93


Chapter 94

One Year Pact

Chapter 95

City Lord is very helpless

Chapter 96

Really want to stir the Sacred Family?

Chapter 97

Into the Heavenly Sacred Border

Chapter 98

Have me as your teacher

Chapter 99

Unfilial descendent

Chapter 100

Thunder God’s Meteorite Sword

Tales of Demons and Gods Chapters: 101 – 200

Chapter 101

Devouring Demon Spirits

Chapter 102

Soul Puppet

Chapter 103


Chapter 104

Captured for trial

Chapter 105


Chapter 106

Ye Xiu

Chapter 107

Not free

Chapter 108

Exchanging with your daughter

Chapter 109

Not a chance

Chapter 110

Laying the Ten Thousands Demonic Beast Array

Chapter 111

This is what you’ve said

Chapter 112

Talk with me

Chapter 113

Of course it was on purpose

Chapter 114

Power of the Tai Yi Killing Array

Chapter 115

Dirty old man

Chapter 116

Applying Medicine

Chapter 117

Abyss Demon

Chapter 118

Fooling the enemy!

Chapter 119

Killing Array

Chapter 120

A pretty good young man

Chapter 121


Chapter 122

Misty Leaf Herb

Chapter 123

City Lord’s young master

Chapter 124


Chapter 125


Chapter 126


Chapter 127


Chapter 128


Chapter 129


Chapter 130


Chapter 131

Golden Horned Land Dragon

Chapter 132


Chapter 133


Chapter 134

Xiao Xue

Chapter 135

Ten Millennium Spatial Array

Chapter 136

Netherlamp Behemoth

Chapter 137

Yin-Yang Blast x2

Chapter 138


Chapter 139

Blood Crystal

Chapter 140

Demon Lord?

Chapter 141

Silver Winged Family

Chapter 142

Sikong Yi

Chapter 143

The outside world

Chapter 144

Testing medicine?

Chapter 145

Gold rank

Chapter 146

Lei Zhuo

Chapter 147

Raging flames of the Black Dragon

Chapter 148

Raging flames of the Black Dragon 2

Chapter 149

Blizzard Spiritual Gem

Chapter 150

Inscription Scrolls

Chapter 151


Chapter 152

Old man

Chapter 153

Divine Explosion Inscription?

Chapter 154

Surprise attack

Chapter 155

Your opponent

Chapter 156

Where is home

Chapter 157


Chapter 158

Demon Lord?

Chapter 159

Demon Beast Horde

Chapter 160

Beast horde arrives

Chapter 161

Wicked idea

Chapter 162

Fierce battle

Chapter 163

2-star Gold rank

Chapter 164

Raging Flames of Explosion

Chapter 165

Used to it

Chapter 166

An accident

Chapter 167

Seen it all

Chapter 168

Beauty is fragile

Chapter 169

Draconic Tongue Herb

Chapter 170

Treasury of the City Lord’s Mansion

Chapter 171

Space-Time Demon Beast?

Chapter 172

Unable to repay favour

Chapter 173

Furious bashing

Chapter 174

Hide as much as possible

Chapter 175


Chapter 176


Chapter 177

Help getting out of embarrassment

Chapter 178


Chapter 179


Chapter 180

To confuse right and wrong

Chapter 181

Real intentions revealed

Chapter 182

Great Battle

Chapter 183

Snow Wind Spiritual God

Chapter 184

Even in death, I will have no regrets

Chapter 185

Gui Sha

Chapter 186

Spiritual Constellation Technique?

Chapter 187


Chapter 188


Chapter 189

Heavenly Fate Plateau

Chapter 190


Chapter 191

Don’t need it anymore

Chapter 192

3-star Gold rank

Chapter 193

Towards the Black Spring?

Chapter 194

Mysterious Inscription Pattern

Chapter 195

Fire Spiritual God

Chapter 196

Give it a try

Chapter 197

Divine Body

Chapter 198

Sensing the Laws

Chapter 199

A trace

Chapter 200


Tales of Demons and Gods Chapters: 201 – 300

Chapter 201

Dreamcloud World

Chapter 202

Master of the Nether Realm

Chapter 203

Remnant map?

Chapter 204


Chapter 205

Senior Inscription Master?

Chapter 206

Mysterious Demon Beast

Chapter 207

Ye Mo

Chapter 208

Structure of the power of law

Chapter 209

Father and Son

Chapter 210

Sister goddess

Chapter 211

Demon Spirit Devouring Technique

Chapter 212

Wu Man

Chapter 213


Chapter 214

Unusual transformation

Chapter 215

Soul Array

Chapter 216

Mysterious Egg

Chapter 217

Alliance Leader’s Position

Chapter 218


Chapter 219

Two wrong don’t make a right

Chapter 220

Legend rank expert?

Chapter 221

The second piece?

Chapter 222

Two brothers

Chapter 223

Green Poison Pearl

Chapter 224

Spiritual Origin Fruit?

Chapter 225

Zombie Jiao-dragon

Chapter 226

Enemies on a Narrow Path

Chapter 227

Yin-Yang Blast x10

Chapter 228

Tian Ling

Chapter 229

Xiao Yu

Chapter 230

Disturbed Peace of Mind

Chapter 231

Broken Divine Spark

Chapter 232

The entering method

Chapter 233

Ancient Tomb

Chapter 234

Draconic Ruins Realm

Chapter 235

Divine Feathers Sect

Chapter 236

Wings of Law

Chapter 237

Frost Chaos Sword

Chapter 238

Seizing the Law by Force

Chapter 239


Chapter 240

Demon Lord

Chapter 241

Disciple Selection

Chapter 242

The Anatta Mental State

Chapter 243

Black Infernal Refining

Chapter 244

Celestial Qilin

Chapter 245

Soul Seal

Chapter 246

Stewed Demon Phallus

Chapter 247

Soul Seal

Chapter 248


Chapter 249


Chapter 250

Zhu Long

Chapter 251


Chapter 252

Master of the Nether Realm

Chapter 253

Master of the Nether Realm

Chapter 254

Becoming a Disciple

Chapter 255

Previous and Present Lives

Chapter 256

Desert Palace

Chapter 257

Enemy Attack?

Chapter 258


Chapter 259


Chapter 260


Chapter 261

Bid farewell

Chapter 262

Gift From Nie Li

Chapter 263

Skysoul Institute

Chapter 264

Spiritual Root

Chapter 265


Chapter 266

Results of the Test

Chapter 267

Spiritual Stone

Chapter 268


Chapter 269


Chapter 270

Venerable Redsoul

Chapter 271

Spiritual Flames

Chapter 272

Master Bei

Chapter 273


Chapter 274


Chapter 275

Soul Brand

Chapter 276

Saint Soul Board

Chapter 277


Chapter 278

Rank Change

Chapter 279

Long Yuyin

Chapter 280

Three Lashes

Chapter 281

Where to Lash?

Chapter 282

Who’s the Trash Now?

Chapter 283

You asked for it!

Chapter 284


Chapter 285

A Chicken Feather for an Authoritative Token

Chapter 286

Heavenly Fate

Chapter 287

Physical Strength

Chapter 288


Chapter 289


Chapter 290

The farther the better!

Chapter 291

Senior and Junior Apprentices

Chapter 292

Soul Scales

Chapter 293

The Sin of Greed

Chapter 294

Settling for Second

Chapter 295

Demon Spirits For Sale

Chapter 296

Li Xingyun

Chapter 297


Chapter 298

Master and Disciple

Chapter 299

Face to Face on a Narrow Path

Chapter 300


Tales of Demons and Gods Chapters: 301 – 400

Chapter 301


Chapter 302

Refining Demon Spirits

Chapter 303

Bloodwing Saint Jiao-dragon

Chapter 304

Ning’er’s Visit

Chapter 305

Ye Clan of the Skyblaze Sect

Chapter 306

Long Tianming

Chapter 307

Holy Maiden and Holy Son

Chapter 308

A Rich Good-For-Nothing

Chapter 309


Chapter 310


Chapter 311

Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting

Chapter 312

The Four Arts

Chapter 313

Profound Understanding of Dao Intent

Chapter 314


Chapter 315

Supreme Sword Intent

Chapter 316

Selling words

Chapter 317

Probing out

Chapter 318

Abyss Winged Draconic Falcon

Chapter 319

Hierarch Skycloud

Chapter 320

Full of Sincerity

Chapter 321


Chapter 322

Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains

Chapter 323


Chapter 324

A good show

Chapter 325

Brother and Sister

Chapter 326

Dragon Bone Winged Tiger

Chapter 327

Successor’s Position

Chapter 328

Second Fate Soul

Chapter 329

Total Annihilation

Chapter 330

Opening of the Demon League

Chapter 331

Medium Grade Deity’s Lake

Chapter 332

Formally Becoming a Disciple

Chapter 333

Heaven’s Divination Technique

Chapter 334

Mantis Stalks the Cicada

Chapter 335


Chapter 336

Failed to Steal the Chicken

Chapter 337

Opening the Meridians

Chapter 338


Chapter 339


Chapter 340

Ancestral Sword Intent

Chapter 341


Chapter 342

Hierarch Skycloud

Chapter 343

Taking in a disciple

Chapter 344


Chapter 345

Li Yufeng

Chapter 346

Slashing the Price!

Chapter 347


Chapter 348


Chapter 349

Saint Blood Draconic Falcon

Chapter 350

Grade 6 Artifact Armour

Chapter 351

New Assessment

Chapter 352

Frost Dragon Beast

Chapter 353

The Third Demon Spirit

Chapter 354

The Center of Attention

Chapter 355

Suppressing with power

Chapter 356

I Quit

Chapter 357

The Big Five

Chapter 358


Chapter 359

Back Spikes

Chapter 360


Chapter 361


Chapter 362

Die While Fully Knowing

Chapter 363

Pick One of Two

Chapter 364

Five Years

Chapter 365


Chapter 366

Doesn’t Benefit Themselves, but Others?

Chapter 367

One Who is Sincere

Chapter 368

Heiyun Deity’s Lake

Chapter 369

Taking Drastic Measures to Deal with Situation

Chapter 370


Chapter 371


Chapter 372


Chapter 373


Chapter 374

Void Spiritual Array

Chapter 375

From the Tiny World

Chapter 376

Wu Yazi

Chapter 377

Thousand Illusionary Array

Chapter 378

Demon Blood Sacrifice

Chapter 379

Void Illusionary Divine Palace

Chapter 380

Accidental Encounter

Chapter 381


Chapter 382


Chapter 383

Sneak Attack

Chapter 384

Outer Hall

Chapter 385


Chapter 386

Celestial Bound Inscription Pattern Array

Chapter 387


Chapter 388

Life Gate

Chapter 389

Holy Son Li Huo

Chapter 390

Silver Fate Soul

Chapter 391

Spiritual Void Wall

Chapter 392

Encounter with the Demon Lord, Again

Chapter 393

Mysterious Aura

Chapter 394

Ancestral Master Daozang

Chapter 395


Chapter 396

Ganges Crystals

Chapter 397

You Cannot Take It With You

Chapter 398

Two Holy Sons

Chapter 399


Chapter 400

Broken Array?

Tales of Demons and Gods Chapters: 401 – 485

Chapter 401

Secret Path

Chapter 402

Skyspirit Stone Array

Chapter 403


Chapter 404

Take! Take! Take!

Chapter 405

Hierarch Blacknether

Chapter 406

Black Flames

Chapter 407

Out of Options

Chapter 408


Chapter 409


Chapter 410

Fate Star

Chapter 411


Chapter 412

Time and Space

Chapter 413

Hear Me Out

Chapter 414

Betrayal right before the battle!

Chapter 415


Chapter 416

Sky Origin Divine Clan

Chapter 417


Chapter 418

Secretly Cultivating

Chapter 419

Set Off

Chapter 420

A wicked person will be bedeviled by someone of the same kind

Chapter 421

Sky Origin Divine Clan

Chapter 422

Master-Slave Contract

Chapter 423


Chapter 424

Arrogance to Deference

Chapter 425

Supreme Divine Techniques

Chapter 426

Pursuit on the Border

Chapter 427


Chapter 428

Emperor Tian Yuan

Chapter 429

Treasures from Heaven and Earth

Chapter 430

The Inheritance of Tian Yuan

Chapter 431


Chapter 432

Frightening Medicinal Effects

Chapter 433

Acting Sect Master?

Chapter 434

Divine Medicine

Chapter 435

Seat of the Sect Master

Chapter 436


Chapter 437


Chapter 438

Contest (1/2)

Chapter 439

Contest (2/2)

Chapter 440

Joining the Fray

Chapter 441

Dao of Dragon Realm Experts

Chapter 442

Sect Master Nie

Chapter 443


Chapter 444


Chapter 445

Subsidiary Sect

Chapter 446

Paid in Blood and Sweat

Chapter 447

Provoking the Almighty

Chapter 448

Life As Such

Chapter 449

Demon God’s Sect

Chapter 450

Godslayer Artifact

Chapter 451

Heavenly Note Pavilion

Chapter 452


Chapter 453

A Request

Chapter 454


Chapter 455


Chapter 456


Chapter 457

Female Disciple

Chapter 458

Purchasing Elixirs

Chapter 459

The Miracles of Duan Jian

Chapter 460

Myriad Ancestor Sword

Chapter 461


Chapter 462

Sword Stances of the Thunder God’s Meteorite Sword

Chapter 463

Yao Lie

Chapter 464

Sect Protecting Array

Chapter 465

Feng Yu

Chapter 466

Dao Companio

Chapter 467

Dragon Origin Spiritual Essence

Chapter 468

Trickery Crosses the Sea

Chapter 469

Stationed in?

Chapter 470

Nie Li’s Schemes

Chapter 471

An Imperial Order to Flirt

Chapter 472

Seeking Confirmation on a Matter

Chapter 473


Chapter 474

Living and Eating Together

Chapter 475

Tied Together

Chapter 476

Returning to the Tiny World

Chapter 477

Duan Jian

Chapter 478

Peerless Talent

Chapter 479


Chapter 480


Chapter 481

Ancient Legend

Chapter 482

Divine Soul Dao Technique

Chapter 483

Ancestor Crimson Serpent

Chapter 484


Chapter 485

City Defense

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