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A Dive into Divinity – A Love Story

A Dive into Divinity – A Love Story is a fictional story written by our editors based on their experiences in their lives.

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Lets the Story Begin…

A Dive into Divinity – A Love Story is about What did she say? Does it even matter? At some point in life, we actually resort to staying numb whatever the world may become. We try to become a “touch me not” plant and that is what in the language of the world today is what is called maturity.

What according to you is being mature? Is it keeping quiet when you know your words could have made a difference? Or even if they did not make a difference, why do you not want to say your viewpoint. Why do we resort to keeping quiet? Why do we let things just go? Why are we becoming so uninterested?.

World and all of its work is not art. The world works according to its own fancies. It is like the fashion industry, something comes up and people are mad about it and then it is just a matter of time when it vanishes and something else takes its place.

But I tell you nothing ever vanishes, like the fashion of today, is all inspired by what we called outdated thing. Everything comes back to some of the other forms. The same is with life if today you are keeping quiet, trying not to say when you could have.

You are all fine for the moment but soon you are involved and some time elapses when you realize you are actually trapped. It is said what goes around comes around, it even happens, and you are never spared.

This trend of keeping your emotions to yourself and not speaking up has taken such deep roots in our society that we are now trying to get out of its clutches.

We are already making our children join the personality development classes, some extreme cases are being even referred to the psychiatrists. Why is that so, why have we given up on letting ourselves out? Why are we resorting to being what we are not?

The concept of court and evidence would wither away if we try not to speak for what was right and what should have seen the light of the day.

All the politics that is taking place, the democracy that we are in would all be of no sense if people try to stay low key. Nothing would matter exactly if there was no one to speak up.

The Mahabharata gives out a fine example of Bhishma Pitamaha who would rather stay quiet and say nothing during the epic scene where Draupadi is stripped of her saree in front of the whole of public.

Being the elder of the family, what he could have done was just speak up to stop the nonsense that was being done. If he would have stopped that thing to happen then, the epic war of Kurukshetra might not have taken place. All we can say now is just look at the costs of not speaking at the rightful time.

With time imbibing this habit of not speaking much we all have become so dumb to deal with. Nowadays people are being recruited for the job only when they are able to speak in front of people and if they can present themselves.

We have even lost these things. Education is imparted so that you can speak up, stand in front of the world, not sit with your lips tied for some of the other reasons.

The language we all learn we learn to speak up not to stay quiet. Then why are we resorting to these awkward trends of so-called mature human beings?

Let us all take an oath today to speak up for the truth. Let’s take a dive into the divine power that our language imparts us. Let us try to feel the power of expression. Let us all not run away from what could have been dealt with easily with kind words.

Words can be killers, they can be healers. A kind word of gratitude can be enough for your father to feel lively after the nerve breaking amount of work he does for you in bringing you up.

Small praise for the food your mother prepared for you can bring in her the amount of satisfaction that you can never imagine. Let’s not be constipated on words, let us use them wisely. Using your language and the perfect words is also an art, let us all be artistic.

It is been rightfully said that” all worlds a stage” and we all play our part. How can we justify our character without expressing ourselves? That is why it is important for all of us to feel the divine power our language imparts to us all.

Let us not waste that power, let us not get entangled in the fancies of today’s world. Instead, let us make our own fancy – “speaking up”. Let us speak because that is what makes us different. Let us not be faked by the indifferent meaning of maturity that the world today has framed.

We have enough common sense to know when are we being fooled off. we are retrospectively moving and brushing down our own personalities. We can mind our own business and we should do that, but we should never run away from our business.

We of all the creations of God have been given this gift that we can vocalize. We should thus for the sake of God vocalize and not run from whatever!

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