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Age is Just a Number

In this article about Age is Just a Number we will focus on how much age matters in life when you are trying to achieve your goals and what is the importance of age or are there any importance of age in life.

A tiger never stops hunting for food, a bee never stops sucking on nectar, a peacock never stops dancing, a bird never stops flying. Wait! Are we missing out on someone? Oh yes! Humans.

We, humans, do age and it is but a reality but the way the animal kingdom follows its basic activities why do we stop loving, after all, love is what makes us different from other species on earth.

Now I am not saying that a cow doesn’t love its calf or to any mother in the whole of the animal kingdom but not getting deep into this topic that age is just a number I will say they are bound by emotions that come naturally while you become a mother and procreate.

As is also said human is social animal and being social comes with caring and loving for each other than why do we stop doing just this and why are we regulated by some preset age-related boundaries.

First of all who made these boundaries? They were but individuals of our own species. But with the lapse of time, we all have learned about freedom and choosing something of our free will.

Then why do we are made a victim of social stigma related to love or say marrying at an age that is not deemed rational by our society? Why can’t we be modern in thinking that loving someone can never be guided by our age? It is a feeling that we are born with and that we must always do no matter what our age is.

There are many known examples of people getting out of this constricted bubble of thinking age is just a number and have found love no matter their age. Kareena Kapoor Khan, Abhishek Bachchan, Priyanka Chopra Jonas, and there is but a galaxy of some such individuals, and believe me they come from all walks of life and profession.

They may be lawyers, politicians, doctors, and anyone. I have to say this because the examples given above are all actors and we all know very well, the stereotypes coming with being an actor.

But I will just use them as examples because they are very well known. All I would say is you should just believe in your vision and everything becomes clear. People will say, and their work is but speaking all shit, that you can never even think of.

Is your love so weak that it can’t even go through this battle of worldly mediocrity?
It all started with a big bang and yet now the earth has not stopped providing us. Then why do we think so much of age before starting and get going even knowing age is just a number.

Why do we think of retiring from what we do or what is our basic character as humans? Like earth and all of its life, we as humans, should be much more believing in chances and, missing out on opportunities just for the sake of age and what will society call this? is but highly uneducated of you.

Because you may come up with all sorts of mediocre reasons but it will take just some courage to realize love once, maybe with a person who doesn’t suit the standards of your society, and that thing I tell you will become the best part of your life that you will ever live. It will be the best of all the adventures that you have ever had knowing that age is just a number.

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I hope Age is just a number story that will help you in knowing that you can achieve anything in life without worrying about what age you are cause you need will power to do anything, not the age yours.

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