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Artless elimination of Disdain – A Peace Story

Artless elimination of Disdain – A Peace Story is a fictional story written by our editors based on their experiences in their lives.

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Lets the Story Begin…

Artless elimination of Disdain – A Peace Story is about sitting back because you think you might not win. Now that is a serious problem many of us are facing in our day to day life. We think we might not, and easily give up.

But are we this easy to break? Are we so weak? Are we so not into testing ourselves? To overcome your fears you have to face them, you have to fight this beautiful battle in your mind to let apprehensions rest in peace.

It is when they rest in peace than will you be able to live in peace for the rest of your life. In life, we make many decisions every day and the only thing we should consider while making decisions is that they should never be any day driven by our fears.

It is although important to consider your weaknesses and strengths before embarking on any journey in our lives. But it is also important that the decision that this particular part of you is your weakness and that particular part is your strength should be made by knowing them for real and not just because you have been told such and such a thing by your elders or even say your parents.

We are been told ever since we got to comprehend in true sense the language of our people that our parents or say some of our close elderly relatives will be able to tell us what is good or bad for us. I would say that is not always true.

There may be some instances in our lives that may be the important parts in our life on which our future might depend may go flawed in some or the other way. We should thus just try to at least intervene in a matter concerning ourselves as a person and should not just hand ourselves totally on our parents and shrewd elderly.

We should try and make our decisions on our own. Because sooner or later we will have to live our life on our own because the sad reality is everyone withers away. We have to be on our own someday.
Why not start this today? Why wait for others to start telling us to take your own care?

If we do not start taking risks today how will we be able to list out our strengths and weaknesses? And if we are not equipped with this wit now, how will we be able to do anything in our future?

Its rightfully said that “time and tide wait for no man”. Thus with this perspective at hand, we should concoct the remedy starting from now.

And that remedy my friend is not easy to have. It requires for you to attempt things on your own, in that process know yourself better than anyone could ever, thus get to know your strengths and weaknesses and finally use these to be victorious on your fears.

Coming from a very well known political family, Pratyush was the only son of the then chief minister. As he was born after 10 years of marriage he was bought up with utmost care.

He would have anything and everything that he wished to have and this was a highly pampered kid. But all this care made him grow too dumb to face the world the way his father would have wanted him to. He wanted a child who was capable enough to be the new face of his political party and be the next candidate for the upcoming elections.

Pratyush was equally willing to participate in the elections, actually due to the peer pressure, he thought it will be a silver spoon in his mouth and if he wins, it would be the only feat he would ever want to achieve in his career.

Everything was into place and his father started working for the elections and soon a lot of meetings started happening at their place of residence. All he could do was listen to all those people and never could have his independent opinion, even if he had, he didn’t have the nerve to vocalize it.

He thought whatever his views were, they were too amateur to be uttered. Many days passed, at first he thought, he could with time, get used to all of this and whatever his friends told will hold true. But soon to his disappointment nothing turned into the ways he thought it would.

All of that asked of him a lot. He was asked to invest himself a lot more than he had imagined. And that lot was not easy to offer. Actually to offer he had nothing. He gained enough knowledge about the functioning of the party but was too weak to put forth his conclusions.

He had not the heart to speak up in front of the public. Once he was asked to deliver a speech at a goodwill party hosted by his father at his residence for all the prominent leaders of the party. At first, he took it for granted but as the day approached he went into shivers, he started having dreams and turned up really nervous on his big day.

With all the motivation that he got from his friends and others, he kick-started the speech better then what he thought in his dreams but soon he started feeling sick, he started sweating and shivers went down his knees, he was forced to end up his speech midway and he couldn’t take that humiliation.

The following days were full of scariest dreams that he had and mixed reviews from all those who were in his full support initially.

All his dreams of leading his state came to a standstill and he decided to withdraw from the political party to get himself ready to face this hurdle of life. He went on a holiday, where he met a group of engineering students.

All they could talk of was the resentment they have about their careers, that is surely in the ditch and still, they were enjoying and were happy. They were not sitting in a corner of the world has known the harsh realities. Instead, they all had the warrior in them, who gave them the zeal to live and fight for it.

All of this opened his eyes and he came back with the enthusiasm to at least fight because the real deal with him was “he himself”. It was not the fear of the public he had, it was the lack of confidence. And who could win that confidence back, it is thyself?

He himself was the reason for his disdain and it took him literally nothing to know this. He stood up again and fought in himself, by himself, for himself and whatever the results of the elections might turn up. He will be an improved version of himself, a version he would be proud of, no matter what.

Likewise, many resolutions of life become clearer when we know ourselves better and when we fight in ourselves for our own amelioration. And believe me, it is not a work of art, it is totally artless. You don’t need a motivator or a counselor or whatnot. You just need yourself.

Give yourself time, everything will fall in place. You will get over the obnoxious feeling of disdain.

You will have all the confidence in the world to do whatnot. Eliminate disdain, you are everything you will ever need, the fire is in you, you just need to see it, feel it, and use it in your enhancement. Believe in yourself. You are the hero and the villain, the choice is yours.

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