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What Is The Estimated Energy Requirement That Human Body Needs

The estimated energy requirement (EER) is said to be the average dietary energy consumption. EER average is used to maintain the energy balance in healthy and normal-weight individuals for a defined gender, age, height, weight, physical activity level, and good health. The EER definition of nutrition helps you understand the importance of energy requirements as they help the body functioning properly. In children & pregnant women, the estimated energy requirement includes the needs related to milk growth rates and good health.

Suppose you are worried about your estimated energy requirement. In that case, you can use the EER calculator to determine energy requirements according to the IOM equation for male & female, lactating, Toffler, pregnant women, & obese Childers.

Estimating Energy Requirement:

You have to balance the calories obtained by food & beverages and the calories expended every day to maintain your body weight. The Institute of Medicine has created a formula to calculate your estimated energy requirement. You can also use the eer calculator to perform the calculation instead of using the formula.

Daily energy requirements and daily energy intakes:

The energy requirements & recommendation level of consumption are the daily requirements, which is important for your body organs to function properly. To measure your energy intakes, you can consider the eer calculator to estimate your energy requirements according to your weight, height, physical fitness. The terminologies are used for convention & convenience, and it also helps to indicate that the need shown an average of energy requirements for a particular number of days.

The is no implication regarding the exact amount of energy that a person needs to consume each day for the proper functioning of body organs. Sometimes calculating the eer is complex for a nonexperience person, but an estimated energy requirement calculator helps you calculate EER nutrition depending on physical activity level and weight goals.

Average requirement and inter-individual variation:

Estimating the eer nutrition is derived from the measurements of individuals. Measurements of the same gender, age, body size, and physical activities gathered in a group to give the average energy requirement. These calculations used to predict the needs & recommendation energy consumption levels for the individual with the like characteristics. You can also consider the eer calculator to find the required amount of energy requirements. The individuals have matched the traits that can impact requirements such as gender, body size, body composition, lifestyle, etc. Still, some unknown factors create differences among the individuals.

How to Calculate EER (Estimated Energy Requirement):

The energy expenditure for a free-living person can be calculated using the DLW (Doubly Labelled Water) technique or using the method, which gives comparable results. Among these methods, individual monitoring of the heart rate has been successfully validated. Deposition of energy in growing tissues is required to measure energy requirements in childhood, adolescence, and pregnancy. It can be determined from the calculation of growth velocity & composition of weight gain, and the average volume & composition of breastmilk. Well, calculating the energy requirements from these methods is tricky and time-consuming. So, you can look up an online eer calculator that uses the pediatric (branch of medicine) equation to calculate energy requirements.


In this article, we define what the estimated energy requirement is for a human body. The human body needs enough energy requirements from the measures of energy expenditure for growth, lactation, and pregnancy. The eer definition of nutrition can help you in understanding the importance of energy requirements. Estimates for the dietary energy consumption from the food helps to satisfy the needs for the attainment & maintenance of optimal health. The calculation for the energy requirement might be
complex because of the long procedures, but the eer calculator makes the calculation easier and generates the result according to your body fitness.

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