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Happy Friendship Day – A Story about Friendship

Happy Friendship Day – A Story about Friendship is a fictional story written by our editors based on their experiences in their lives.

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Lets the Story Begin…

Happy Friendship Day – A Story about Friendship is the feeling whenever I sit back and try to find the best parts of my life, I gather some of the most significant pieces shared with you. And it’s not just about this day that I am reminiscing our long shared past, but it is every other day when I feel lovely due to many reasons, that I remember you; and this intensifies when I am sad.

I think this is not just because I get to see you on social media or that you are the only one that I feel connected with, but this is something that I cannot define; I actually don’t want to. I think defining things brings in unnecessary boundaries that I don’t want. Now I don’t know how much do you vibe with me now that we are not together, but I have always felt that this distance has given us a sense of belonging.

There are many attributes in life that we attain or are born with. I think the many major goals that I have reached in my life are the ones gifted to me, by you. The most important one is the ability to feel confident about me as a person. I think we can win the world with just that. Thank you for giving me this.

This is not just the only reason that I feel a sense of being with you, but this is the only void I could think about when I look back at my past as a child. I think the biggest achievements in life that a human make is realizing that his or her existence matters and this existence should not be just to fulfill a duty as a person related to many people here but to voice out your thoughts time and again to make a mark in this ever-changing and mortal world.

Friends are an integral part of life, as is a notion of many, reading this already; but those who feel that life is equally happy with or without them should just come out of their bubble. Because everyone is worth it, in this life.

Every relation should be sought after because it is these that make our life wonderful. I always thought that life goes on and that is true, but that void left by that insignificant soul always remains and that we don’t get to understand just at the right time.

I write this, thus to alert you of the great loss that you may incur just to satisfy that ugly personality of yours that never let you talk to your friends in the first place. I tell you today that it doesn’t matter; all that matters is you are with them and that is what should be aspired of any moves that you make as a person.

Our social media is filled up with all sorts of egotistic things, we are failing to realize that people are different and that is what makes this world beautiful to live in. We cannot live with our duplicates life long, the same way we cannot follow the same routine and give up on the weekends just because they don’t have much to offer.

We still believe in the change of environment, a short trip out, or just a walk around in a garden away from our monotonous lives. In short, we want to see new and that stands true in humans and the relations we make with them.

Why are we then trying to look for ourselves in them? Why are we in the need of getting the best? We should just celebrate the differences. Because that is what makes us realize that however they are, they are significant to our life and that with them it is more wonderful.

I say this today to make you realize that you are actually more than worthy of being celebrated as a friend or as a person, not just on this day; but on every other day. The same stands true for people in your life, they may be odd.

But don’t we value antiques more? So before its too late,



Have a happy FRIENDSHIP day, every day!

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