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Happy Independence day!

Happy Independence Day to the billion people of this beautiful country called India.

The best and the worst parts of our freedom are the ones that we already lived and whatever happens now is just continuation of that struggle for the betterment of our lives as the citizens of free India. This holds true in respect of all the free countries of the world. It’s the 73rd Independence that we are celebrating and congratulations to all our readers.

Happy Independence day we are using many slangs in the English language and one of the slang that we use related to this day for any country is I-DAY. Frankly speaking, we have actually taken the literal meaning of the alphabet “I”. We have consorted to think that I mean me and myself. We have taken the selfish meaning of I rather what it does stands for and, what has this done? One answer to this question is it did bring in many concepts of today’s world. Many of which were just a normal way of living till recently but now they are concerns of so many, I won’t go deep into these.

I think you all are reading the news as well and thus you should be aware of all the happenings that are having a direct and a major impact on the way our culture and society are being politicized. Our taking a political stand to raise voices which need not a national platform, those which can be sorted out locally and without making much news has only bought our social status into the clings of rampant upheaval that is shaking us from our roots and this if not is the present, it is a surely a nuclear bomb of the future. I am not against anything but only worried about the kind of anxiety, fear, and angst it is spreading.

It has led to an increase in demands for whatnot, sometimes the demands are much unrealistic and the causes taken up are just to come into the limelight. Sometimes providing immense powers into the hands of some we are undermining the rights of many. There may be some people who need the bondages of laws to behave inhumane ways but there are more people who need protection from laws that are mostly taken leverage of, they are not used for that which they are made for.

We are at leverage today that we are celebrating our Independence at the same time we are being protected with the divine power of the relation of brother and sisterhood. This day 15august19 teaches us that freedom should also be guided and protected so that neither the provider nor the user is at risk from unforeseen possibilities. Talking of possibilities, there are no horizons to what you can achieve with the given powers of freedom.

You should only use your freedom in such a way that wherever you reach or whatever you do that should not be at the expense of someone who doesn’t deserve to be there where you want to throw that innocent soul. Let’s take our freedom and rights maturely. Let’s not keep ourselves dependent on some grudges rather free ourselves truly. I hope that the powers are not misused, that we as dedicated citizens don’t take advantage of our blindfolded judicial system and the laws that it executes

Harshit Gupta

Worked as a content writer in the free time of my college to earn some extra money for my expenses and also it allowed me to develop an additional skill with engineering. I have left my job and working full time on Tales By Males website as an Author. Helping people by providing them useful content which will motivate them to work hard and provide them with peace of inner mind in their life.