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How to Find Inner Peace by Sadhguru

In this article, we have brought the wise sayings of Sadhguru modified in the words of Tales By Males editorial team. How to find inner peace by Sadhguru will tell you what actually inner peace is, what is stopping you to find inner peace, and how to find inner peace with the help of inner engineering.

How we try to find Inner peace?

  • Excessive Eating
  • Consuming Intoxicants
  • Excessive indulging in Pleasures 

With all these things we have tried to create some kind of peacefulness within ourselves, we thought we got there but the next moment we know we are not there, many times it deceived us. 

On Saturday evening our whole family met, our whole family had a wonderful dinner, we thought this is the height of the world. Everything is so wonderful, magical, tomorrow morning we see, poof.

Not because there is something wrong with our family but it is just that with a limited entity we are trying to create unlimited space and it’s not gonna work. 

As of now, we have known how people try to find inner peace, let’s start with the guide of actually how to Find Inner Peace by Sadhguru.

Why do we fail to achieve Inner Peace?

There is nothing wrong with us but it’s just that it doesn’t work. There are lots of great things in the world which don’t work. We are not interested in that that’s all. Are you interested in great things? You should be?

We are only interested in things that work. There are lots of great things, people claim there are great things but they don’t work. They don’t have worked for anybody. But we think this is a great thing because somebody said so, actually, they are great things because somebody thinks too much of himself and whatever we say or do must be great things but they don’t work.

We are looking as if that thing works. If we are determining the course of our experience right now a hundred percent if we are determining the nature of our experience a hundred percent right now. Let’s assume that somebody would have to tell us please create a pleasant experience.

Would somebody have to tell us? No. if somebody tells us to be loving, to be blissful then it is just all bullshit because nobody has to tell us to be pleasant. The problem is we are not able to determine the nature of our experience. The problem is we are unable to determine the nature of our experience.

If we could determine the nature of our experience then nobody has to tell us to be blissful, be loving, be happy or be that, this is all coming from our know patchy ideas about life. We see somebody fighting we say be loving, we see somebody unhappy we say be blissful, it’s so insulting. If somebody is in a great state of unhappiness and we tell him to be blissful is so insulting. 

The problem people lack is the correct approach and in this guide on how to find Inner Peace by Sadhguru, the next step will tell you the correct approach.

What is the correct approach to find Inner Peace?

We are hearing all the great teaching on this planet which has been on for centuries, these teachings are the actual great things that have never worked, so we are only seeing how to determine the nature of our experience, if we take charge of what causes experience within us and if we are in charge of that, I’m hundred percent sure we will make it a very pleasant for ourself, if we are feeling very pleasant for ourself then we will be pleasant to everybody around us.

Unfortunately, we have taken it upon ourselves to confuse humanity so badly about our own nature that we don’t see how simple it is and we have to read a blog from Tales By Males about how to find inner peace or googling about it but it’s very simple.

Whatever the nature of experience is happening within us, we don’t need some great yoga or scripture or priest or some stone that fell from heaven to tell us this, it is the nature of our experience doesn’t matter what nature, it can be nature of fear, anger, love, hatred, ecstasy or agony but everything is happening from within us, it would be very natural for a human being to take a deep breath and convert that nature into a most pleasant experience. 

Does praying will get Inner Peace?

We always try to freak God, God loves us from up there but if we had not exported the love to heaven, a lot of human beings would have been very loving human beings. Now we have exported it to heaven we need to import it and to import it we need a permit and there are agents here who don’t give permits so easily.

So now all the love has gone to heaven, how do we get it back. Well, there are priests standing in some Church, Temple, Mosque, or Gurudhwara holding the permit and he won’t give it to us. Whether we want to experience blissfulness, fear, anger, love, hatred, ecstasy, or agony all these states of human beings come from within.

So we should be willing to explore our inner selves to find the most pleasant state. Not because it’s a virtue, love is not a virtue, bliss is not a virtue, to be pleasant is not a virtue, it’s just that this a where we belong to be. It’s not that if we are loving we will go to heaven, it’s not if we are ecstatic we will go to heaven, It’s just that if we are loving and ecstatic we don’t need god damn heaven only.

If we make a hell out of ourselves then we want to go to heaven, and if we make a heaven out of ourselves then where should we go? Well, wherever the hell we go we won’t actually care. 

Now I would like to share an example of Inner Engineering to tell you about how to find inner peace by Sadhguru. Inner Engineering is a technical term that can help you to see how humans relate to a machine.

How Inner Engineering helps you get Inner Peace?

If we want to ensure the sounds produced by sound device are good we need to know about the mechanism of that device, the more we know about the mechanism of that device the better sound we produce, which states the more we know the better it is. So if we become an inner engineer then we can make our inner selves the way we want.

That’s all it takes, it doesn’t need anything. It is just that it is in a different direction, the way we are constantly looking through our sense perception, we need help maybe not necessarily but generally yes, we need a certain amount of help but that help is just grace and we need that grace to create a conducive atmosphere to slip in.

If any machinery has to perform well we need to use lubricant in it, whichever the costliest car we have if try to run it for ten minutes it will be ruined. So lubricant is what keeps it going and without that thin layer of lubricant our car will be destroyed in no time, grace is just like that little thin layer of lubricant.

Now we have started calling it liquid engineering. We all doing it. And it is appropriate to have a liquid engineer.

So grace is just a lubricant and if we try to live our lives without the lubricant, the friction of work will destroy too many human beings.

Yes, nothing big we have done till now, we did only simple things, we were born which was not even in our controls, it was our parents who brought us in this world. We only want to eat well, sleep well, fulfill our basic needs, and in the process of doing these things so many human beings have been destroyed because of no lubricant. Noting wrong with them but they were just trying to work without a lubricant that’s all.

Sometimes our cellphones don’t work or get some disturbance while talking because of the bad weather, that is what happens with us also but we are a far more sophisticated instrument than anything we’ve seen, this needs a little bit of attention and if we pay attention to check for that lubricant it pays off.

I hope How to Find Inner Peace by Sadhguru will help you to find inner peace with yourself and with your life.

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