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How to Humanize Yourself ? – A Best Peace Story

How to Humanize Yourself ? – A Peace Story is a fictional story written by our editors based on their experiences in their lives.

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Lets the Story Begin…

How to Humanize Yourself? – A Peace Story is about what you think makes you a better human being than any other soul respiring on this planet? What makes you different from them? And do you know the cost of being better or different?

Are you even ready to pay that price? More than anything are you even willing to do what makes you a better one, or are you just happy in the way you happen to be?

Well, there are many questions that could be answered if you take a deep look into the inspiring life of Mohan, a dairy farmer by profession who lived in a village just adjacent to the city that was known for its ever-flourishing dairy business and it will explain How to Humanize Yourself.

Almost all of the people in the village were in one or the other way, engaged in dairy farming and that made the village what it was.

But as time progressed and the business in the adjacent city increased there came many more competitors of the then functioning dairy company and with the involvement of so many biggies in the business, the demand for raw materials increased.

The farmers were asked to yield more milk and in return, they would be granted better money and the promise of a better future for their family and coming generations. Thoughts kind of this, lured almost all of the dairy farmers in that village.

The demands rose but it was not in hand with the supply. The farmers gave out the highest amounts of milk supply that they possibly could. For this they stopped selling milk in the homes of villages and cities, instead, they sold it to those companies for better money.

Companies had to expand their business and for that, they hired a team of experts that will teach the farmers the different techniques to increase the production of milk. Many seminars took place in the city in which the villagers were provided with money to attend.

And hence they all with the whole of the family attended and learned various ways of increasing milk yields. These ways to think of were very hard on cattle and at first, the villagers were mostly resistant to apply such harsh ways but as time passed and seeing the amount of money that could be made out of those techniques.

Farmers in large numbers began applying the modern ways of cattle rearing except for Mohan, he was resistant to the notions of modern ways of increasing milk yields which were largely dependent on certain hormonal injections, abstaining the calf to drink milk, keeping the calf away from the mother, artificial insemination and what not.

All of this never satisfied Mohan, in fact, he went furious about those techniques and even tried to convince them friends, relatives, and known people otherwise.

All his trials were in vain as the appetite for money has hit all the farmers so hard that they forgot about the plight they were knowingly or unknowingly putting their long-reared animal into, the same animal that has bought to them a lot of glories.

For Mohan it was not all about money, he was more emotionally attached to the cattle. He felt like those animals are his family, the calf that would be born, Mohan would take proper care of it like he would for his own child.

It was fine till the cow offers him milk, but to get it in wrongful ways just to earn money and put the cow’s health at risk was just not done.

He did what he could but looking at the progress the others were making out the new ways of production, he had other thoughts. But as and when he would have a look at the face of the cattle that he reared, he just couldn’t make his mind to let them through all the inhumane ways of rearing the cattle for milk.

He was satisfied with what he had and all he did was, hope for better, but only if it was possible in a humane way, but to his failure, he couldn’t find a way. At times there were a lot of problems in the family, but Mohan tackled them in other ways that were at his disposal.

As time passed he became more and more confident about his ways. He now wanted to set an example for future generations and wanted to pass on the legacy of cattle rearing to the generations to come, that which the people of his generations have lost to time.

For some such reason, he never gave up on the primitive ways of rearing cattle. He was questioned upon by his family for being stubborn about not giving up on older ways when he can make an easy fortune out of the newer ways, but nothing affected him.

He knew what he did, and what he can be sufficient enough. If he wanted to have a brighter future he could adopt another business but he could never end up being a monster to his lifelong friend, his cattle.

And he did exactly the same, he started his own business of fetching fodder for cows and with ever-increasing incomes, the villagers became more and more dependent. They gave up on the older ways of taking their cattle to distant pasture lands, instead, they bought fodder from Mohan and fed the cattle at the sheds and that added to the advantage for Mohan.

His fodder business expanded, but he reared his cattle the way he always did, and now in the words of his daughter who is a lawyer by profession when asked who you consider your idol in life during her convocation and why?

She says- “I know I have taken this path towards helping people get justice, but my idol, my hero, the real lawyer and an epitome of justice is my father, who, no matter what, took stand for his view of how trade should be done and how in that way justice be served to all the souls that we co-exist with and this is how to humanize yourself.

There were many sleepless nights that he passed due to the insecurities of the future and the money he could have made resorting to the modern ways of trade. But he was determined not to walk into the clutches of greed and make the life of his cattle, bitter.

He was not for once shattered by the atrocities he had to face in his life for his choices. No matter what the odds, he believed in what was righteous and he served justice to the cattle that has served him all through his life and had been there since he has seen the light of the day.

He managed to keep the sanctity of his trade and cattle and proved to the world that to be happy you don’t need just money but the willpower to stand for your beliefs and that is what it takes to humanize the world and to bring justice to our mother earth and its crops.

It just takes a single soul to stand for what is right, it just takes that light in you that makes all the things fall in place.

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