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Life is like waves – A Love Story

Life is like waves – A Love Story is a fictional story written by our editors based on their experiences in their lives.

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Lets the Story Begin…

Life is like waves – A Love Story rightly said “what you think is what you shall become”, in this context we are overburdened with stories, the reality you are in now, will also become a fascinating story for someone in near future. And we listen, write, whisper, these stories.

Not all the stories are a happy ending. Some are really sad to hear, some are so shattering that we are unable to go through them. What about your story? Do you want your story to be loved or hated?

Do you want your story to have a peaceful and happy ending? Do you want that people remember you as a great warrior or a loser? Well, that depends on you. It all depends on how you take that which life has to offer you.

Life is a battle. It a story where your character needs a constant change, it needs amendments. You need to continue or rectify something. You need to be what the situation needs of you.

But sometimes we mistakenly try to do, the exact opposite of the expected.

In life, we are expected to fight. What our parents and the world would be proud of? It is not a coward but a fighter. What if the waves go silent, will you enjoy going to a beach then? Will you like the utter calm of the ocean or the constant noise that it makes while producing waves?

Any story is interesting till it has many turning points, your needs too. Do you expect the hero of the story to sit back and cry for whatever bad is happening or will you like him to fight the battle, no matter the result?

What if there were no Thanos? What if, the Avengers were just sitting back and pitying what has happened.

The movie won’t have made the records. Same way every day you are provided a new Thanos to deal with, that makes your story worth your living. And the living should be in such a way that you do not fall having to fight Thanos, that would be cowardly and no one likes a coward.

You should instead deal bravely, with all your might, to battle it and defeat it. Now it is not that you will have a win, win situation. You may fail, you may fall. But is it the end, do you want a sad ending? No, right! Therefore, the thing you should do is fall, get up, and fight again.

And never sit back, for you are a warrior. You are the wave of the ocean that people love to have the sight of. You are the one who is determined to never stop and always aim for the land. Whether or not you win but you should set an example for others to never lose hope.

That is what life is all about. You should be like that wave which never leaves the hope of reaching the land, it rises falls but never stops. Difficult or impossible, your work shall be to run for it at least.

Because it is not your success that makes your parents happy but it is you want for life and your will to struggle for your dreams.

Make it your mantra, to fight, and never be in a forlorn. May you be the rising sun that never stops shining, it shines through clouds and smiles through the eclipses, may you be that bird that runs and falls and ultimately flies in the sky.

May you be the ant that never stops taking his food to its destination, may you be the river that’s flows and flows until it meets the sea, may you be the wind that blows non-stop, and may you win this battle of life staying strong on your morals and values.

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Harshit Gupta

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