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Mathematics of Trust

Mathematics of trust defined with the help of Mathematics. People say how can we trust someone, well here is our post which will help you in understanding about Trust.

Mathematics of trust, what is Trust? If you look into our past, our society was confident about its existence. Existence of its people and the great legacy that will continue to propagate with them.

What was this confidence based on?

  • Were they trying to calculate things, were they applying probabilistic approaches to everything?
  • Were they foreseeing the future?
  • Were they applying all the science and statistics?
  • Or was it some kind of overconfidence?

Today I would like to share a beautiful experience I have had during a 15-minute train journey, I met this charismatic individual who is a government school teacher and some talks that we have had.

I admire him because he is an individual who was very open about himself and his life. People always speak a lot about their achievements and what kind of struggle were they in.

This particular individual talked about his maneuver through struggles and what impact they had on him psychologically and that it was not normal to face struggles and if you are the one who is going through them, then he feels you and understands you and that he would heal you psychologically.

He believed in destiny and that people try hard but sometimes somethings are not in our hands to shape them the way we want to.

If you look into the past of humanity, it was totally built on trust, yes the answer to the question raised above about the confidence our forefathers had in our bright future is nothing but one of the pillars of the human race that is Mathematics of trust. They had trust in everything.

Our great grandparents asked their children to trust in every human, they even trusted so much that the only legacy we are following faithfully is watering stones that we believe in as god.

Someone told in the past that this very stone had divine powers and so from then till now that trust has never withered away from our mind.

I don’t know if it is trust or fear but its origination was that we trusted in nature and humans around us as well.

Many of our grandparents even married to their life partner chosen for them by others, they never asked for life-in to know the other one or to judge their belonging with them or what future would be with them.

They just married and I guess the divorce cases in that society of nearly 1940’s were just one-fourth of what numbers they are today. After all the research and the knowing and not knowing we still are unable to trust what we made by taking vows.

We are just turning into some kind of a psychiatrically ill lot of personalities who at one point are into something and at another point, we get to have trust issues with the thing that we actually started or at the first hand believed in.

Now you may say that times teaches, no my dear, times never teaches so late, you know everything and times are just doing its job of passing by and the time you know all about a person or the point where there is no more offering to stay at a place or say in a human we get bored, this bore is what time brings in and you get confused with your choices.

You are turning into a person who is not able to trust even thyself. Tell me is it fine, what is happening to you? What are you making of yourself and what kind of ground shaken legacy are you going to pass on to your child? Your child would not even have trust in your views about life because that is what you taught them that never trust anyone.

We have turned from our mathematical Cro-Magnon self, who still assume that let the persons age be “x” and keeping much faith in that prediction arrive at the answers, but we have lost the trust in our own methods and are trying to run so fast that we are not even believing in our own tactics of life.

All math and science have it. But now we even don’t believe in what we created.

Now we pin a question on all that was told by our grandparents, we try to discuss every other thing, we judge and feel that we know better and it’s not your mistake.

It is what is been spread in a lot of literature nowadays that we read or listen, We are made to believe that if we have studied we need to question because that is what makes us a good student.

We listen to half of the talk and the other half that makes this half full of meaning is just freed in air. Is this progress or regress?

Is it an alarming situation to be dealt away with or is it just our way of living now since there is a lot that the world has changed into and to fit into just that, all these changes are inevitable? Is this having a toll on us?

And have we balanced the risks and benefits of this modern way of psychiatrically ill living?

Also, we would be happy to hear your views about the Mathematics of trust.

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