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Negative effects of mobile phones on Indian Parents

Not only the negative effects of mobile phones on Indian parents but also has effects on sleeping issues and depression. It reduces the power of thinking because of the high amount of social media content consumption in our day to day life.

A 10-year-old kid whose brain is still in the developing state spends 60% of an average day with consumption of YouTube or Mobile Games which affects the growth of the brain.

According to studies, physical activities and reading have a drastic effect on the development of the Frontal cortex which mainly a hub or center of creativity of the human brain which is dying due to a huge increment in the consumption of virtual content.

Just a decade ago when the past was soo beautiful, the time when all of the households used to become lively during the nights at the dinner table when everyone used to share about the experiences of their work, life, and whatnot.

Even the children would get free from their homework and would sit near parents to talk about their schools, teachers, and classmates. How nostalgic it was to live the days of your childhood and adulthood all over again with them.

Meanwhile in today’s world when we have a surplus of time, as the whole world is on our mobile phones and we don’t have to go to distant places to pay our bills, we don’t have to go shopping or to go buy groceries. Everything today is just a click away.

But what are we doing with the extra time at our disposal? Are we using it for good?

No, we don’t and we don’t even pay much heed to this being asked, written, or exclaimed.

Why is our Parent getting more addicted to Social Media than Us?

There was a transition phase when the technology was spreading its influence on us, the time when our parents always complained of our denial to sit together and spend time with them or that we are too busy with our mobile phones.

As time went on, they stopped complaining, and being the parents of the millennia they changed with their kids and showcased them their capabilities.

And I tell you many of us are now happy that our parents have stopped nagging about our screen time. We can now be ourselves at home and suddenly the atmosphere of our household has become quiet again, the way it was before.

The only difference is that, before we were quiet because we were satisfied with each others availability, while now we are quiet as to nag around doesn’t make sense anymore.

Tell me who would want to just have a kind of heated up atmosphere every other day at home. No parents would allow themselves or their child to live such a life.

What they felt was out of the mandate to set an example in front of their child, that no matter what, we should all be open to changes of any kind, we should take what life has to offer, and should never stop trying our level best to live the life of supremacy.

They are fulfilling their duty with every passing day.

Why and How to help your Parents?

We could have given a second thought to this sudden change and the reason behind it but we just happy with all the quiet and just running behind this kind of peace.

This is not at all up-to our morals and the values that we stand for.

You may not ponder about this situation but the truth is that your parents are a lot unhappy now then they were ever before. They are turning into an ever unsatisfied generation of today.

The generation of today’s 25 years old kid’s parents is like a broken ship in the middle of an ocean, which can’t even sink neither it can reach the shore. As they can’t even live without today’s technology neither can be completely comfortable with the technology.

The reality about social media is that it is just an escape from the real world, which doesn’t have much to offer to you. It is just a mini-vacay, where you, for a time being realize the pleasure of being wanted and loved.

That in real terms is just nowhere to be found or say ‘out of order’. The same thing is being done by our parents today, they have become lonely in their own homes.

Why can’t we make them happy as ever, and literally what does it take?

Well just your time, and not on social media but by your presence in their life again as it was before.

We should just keep in mind one thing that, no amounts of the internet can help us the way a parent or say a real human can.

We can just do one favor on ourselves on behalf of our parents, of never forcing our parents to change their way of living or let them beg for the time from us, because that situation is just too unruly to even imagine in the kind of society we all live in.

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