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Never Give Up – A Motivational Story

Never Give Up – A Motivational Story is a fictional story written by our editors based on their experiences in their lives.

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Lets the Story Begin…

Never Give Up – A Motivational Story is your everyday life, What a day it is? Won’t you say this? And when saying this, aren’t you loving the day in spite of all the despair that you carry inside you. You may be angry or filled with angst, you may have an intense emotion in you telling to stop, but do you?

We all continue living, and tell me is that continuity, not in itself the biggest sign of love. Yes, the love that you hold in yourself for your soul.

The very existence of this universe lies in loving and being loved. So what are we doing since the beginning of our tenure here? We are a loving day in and day out.

And the day we stop, we cease to exist, physically or mentally. But I tell you in doing that also, we are loving ourselves in some of the other ways. With our death, this emotion dies.

But with every breath we are taking in, we are promising ourselves to love ourselves till we do exist. If we die out mentally, as they say, we are again in this deep emotion called to love with ourselves, by hiding from the world to not enter into an alliance that may in near future, as we already have made our mind, will surely cause agony.

In short, we cannot in any way stop loving, the whole world evolved on this very emotional and still revolves around the same feeling. We may not love others, but in doing that also we are secretly loving ourselves.

Love never leaves us, neither can we leave it. We are humans and we are different for the emotions that we carry in us, they may be for us or for our fellow beings. In any way, we are never weary of love. So I would actually ask you, what will you call love? Is it the ability or the inability?

I think by now you may have got your answer, that it is actually the inbuilt ability of yours to never give up. It may be not giving up on ourselves or on others. In most cases, we are in love at least with ourselves.

What is an inability? Are you actually unable to do anything? If you think clearly and pragmatically, there is exactly nothing you cannot do so at least yourself. To just get the emotion of love, I think that’s near to nothing, it’s like a bird sitting in front of food grain and calling it an impossible task to eat it.

It’s actually naïve to think love as an impossible emotion to achieve. It actually is inherited, the way you do to your siblings, the way you do to your mother, your father, and your close neighbors and relatives.

It just comes in you because you are related, now it may change its intensity in the course of time but still, it’s there and it will again come into play for your better someone and her family members when you marry her.

It is a legacy that you will again pass on to your children and they will to their children and so on. And in telling this I should add that, this you will do with pride. So tell me now, an emotion that you so proudly pass on and do to your fellow beings, how can it be an inability?

All that is said above applies to your special someone also. It is all in you, you are the master. You can and you only cannot. But to never give up on someone, is surely an ability of yours, not an inability.

How are you unable to do something you are born with or that which is in you from always. Love of any kind can never be judged as an inability, let us not in any way try to belittle this emotion, so pure, and holding a sign which can be measured on the Richter scale of human survival.

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