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Peace Stories in the Bible

The holy book bible consists of multiple peace stories at the multiple phases in the book. Tales By Males editorial team read all the peace stories in the bible and presents you with the most amazing 6 peace stories in the bible.

These peace stories in the bible are mentioned in different forms of words which are hard for a normal 21st-century person to understand so to help our readers we have compiled them in the simplest form of words.

These peace stories will touch your heart and allow you to follow the path of peacefulness. So let’s jump right into the Peace Stories in the Bible.

Best 6 Peace Stories in the Bible

1. Be full of Peace – At (Psalm 34:14

In this peace story, It is mentioned that you should turn away from evil. If you ever find any negativity in the atmosphere near you then don’t keep moving around in that atmosphere.

Change your path or make your own new path which will take you far away from that negative atmosphere somewhere where there is no evil when you are in that atmosphere, open your inner self completely to the world and look for peace if you are not sure about what peace is then you need to read this article first “What is Peace”.

Once you are there in that new positive atmosphere looking for peace, try to do good things, and doing good things means helping the people, animals, and plants in need, you can help them in any way possible by you. It can be from giving water to plants to feeding animals.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a big or small help. Help is help and you should help how much ever is in your hands. The time you are in that positive atmosphere and helping the needy ones, that is it.

But the last thing mentioned in this section of the peace story in the bible is to keep working hard to maintain it and that is the most important point.

Once you are there, it is all onto you how you maintain it. You can have it all for a week and it can vanish suddenly but if you are able to maintain it forever you can say “I made It”.

2. Jesus is known as the Prince of Peace – At (Isaiah 9:6–7)

King is the one who makes it to the top with his dedication but the prince is someone who was born with liability.

A son or daughter of a king directly becomes the prince or princess but the real person who makes them the prince and princess is the king and just like how Jesus was called the prince of peace because his parents were the true king and queen of peace.

Jesus was given to us and called the Prince of Peace and we called him the wonderful counselor, the mighty God who listens to all of our problems and provides us the solution to them.

But the Peace Story in the Bible states about Jesus being the prince of peace is because of the king and the queen.

The same is in our lives, if your parents are peaceful, if they are wonderful and loving, we will become the same. We are nothing but the shadows of our parents. 

3. Wicked people will not know peace – At (Isaiah 48:22)

The Lord says that if a person is evil or has the intention of being morally wrong will never be able to achieve peace in his life.

Unless you stop throwing that hate and anger toward other people as well as your inner self, you will never ever be able to kill that evil inside you which will always be a brick in between you and the peace.

Another point mentioned in this peace story in the bible is your wrong intentions and the intentions come from within. To always keep your intentions morally correct will lead to a state where you can achieve peace as the Lord said.

Moral correctness comes from positivity and happiness which makes your inner self happier.

4. We can have peace with God – At (Isaiah 53:5)

The Lord stated that we can have peace with God. A priest is closest to the god and you will never see anyone being more peaceful than a priest because he is the closest to the god.

This peace story in the bible mentioned that the lord was torn apart internally and molested against the law of conduct because of his iniquities and on top of it was the chastisement that actually brought us peace.

The lord was wounded and his wounds were the ones that made us all heal. If you want to have peace that you should get under the shadows of God and when you see the chastisement occurring on him and surely bring peace for you.

5. Make peace with others quickly – At (Matthew 5:23–26)

This peace story in the bible states that if you present a sacrifice at the altar in the temple but also if you know that there is a person who has a grudge or hates against you then you should not do that sacrifice you should leave that sacrifice at the altar, firstly you should go and reconcile to that person.

If you are sure that he does not carry any grudge or hate towards you, you can come back to the temple at the altar and offer your sacrifice to god. 

Also, another peace story in the bible about “Make peace with others quickly” states that if you are going to court with your lawyer if you and your lawyer had any previous differences in the past it can harm your case.

You should first sort those differences with your lawyer as quickly as possible because once you are in court and if your lawyer loses the case against the accuser by the judges’ judgment then they will hand you over.

The officer and the officer will throw you inside a prison and you will not be free again unless you pay every single penny you’ve been fined by the judge.

6. The peace Jesus gives is different than the world’s peace (John 14:27)

The peace which is given by the world is different from the peace we’ve all got from the almighty god.

This world has given us peace of satisfaction, peace of pleasure by the intake of intoxicants or excessive eating of food but in this peace story in the bible is mentioned that the peace we got from god is totally different from the peace we get in everyday life.

This peace is a gift of God, it is peace of mind and peace of heart that this world can never give to us. The peace story also states that this gift that God has given to us will keep us away from troubles in our life and make us fearless.

We should not be afraid as we all have peace of mind and peace of heart as a gift of God in our lives.

Jesus, The Prince of Peace | Bible Story

Teach your kids these Peace stories from the Bible

I hope these Best 6 Peace Stories in the Bible will help you to find peace with yourself and with your life.

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