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Signs of a Materialistic Person – A Motivational Story

Signs of a Materialistic Person – A Motivational Story is a fictional story written by our editors based on their experiences in their lives.

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Lets the Story Begin…

She offered her whole life in dedication to the upbringing and well being of her family. Now you feel that what you are about to read is the same old lament of a housewife. No, you are wrong, continue, and find out.

Son – what the hell is this mother, can’t you just let somethings be. Materialistic flattery in vain is just let my wife be the way she wants to be. What do you want? You cannot cook lunch and dinner for us.

Fine we will find a maid to do that for you. Is that it? What else do you want? What is all this daily problem of you both? Why can’t we just live in peace? It was far better than when you were at our native place.

Daughter in law – and above all, why do you have to tell every bit of what is happening in our family to your daughters? What are they going to do? Are they going to help us in any way? Nowadays your son is also not earning enough.

All the money that is being spent on our marriage loans and carrying on the household chores is being drained out of my account and still, I have to hear all this. The so lots of money that you give to your daughters when they come every time to our place, have you ever thought where does it come from? We are giving it.

Now, what else do you want of me, mother-in-law? I go out to work and earn money isn’t that enough for you? Why do you even expect me to come to the kitchen? Doing all the household chores will be my choice and I won’t be forced to work and I don’t want to hear anything about this anymore otherwise I’ll leave this house and you and your son may live happily ever after. I think then will you remain happy.

Mother (sobbing in deep pain after listening all this), Son I don’t want anything other than your happiness, if you are happy in the way you want me to live, I will change my ways and live according to you both. I promise!

Son – again a melodrama has started. Why do you have to do all this? And why are my sisters are getting involved in our house soo much?
Mother- sorry son…

Son (interrupting) – if you are not happy here, we send you back to our native place.

Mother (sobbing and crying) – no son. I am more than happy here, I won’t go back there, I will live the way you want me to. I am sorry.

Mother leaves and talks to her sister on phone – … I told them, I will change according to them. But now nothing is the same as good and happy as it used to be. (cries) no one talks to me, not even my own son.

(sobs) nothing hurts me more than what have I done to my son’s happiness, nowadays he just comes and goes, all his playfulness and smiling face have gone. I don’t find this behavior apt. I think I was the one who was wrong. We have a lot of money but I tell you money cannot buy everything.

There is an abominable lull at our place and that will kill me mentally someday, if I am like this what effects will it be having on my son, after work that he comes, he needs to rest, but I don’t offer him an atmosphere good enough to. I will do the needful.

Now if you ponder on the above conversation you will find that being a very rich family and having nothing to be unhappy for. All they needed was a little bit of understanding that would have solved such a trivial matter.

Nothing in the family is big till we understand that we are all different humans and differences of interest are bound to occur but, can’t we just sit and talk it through? Is it so difficult to do that? And is fighting and saying bad words the only way out? Just think and comment on your views.

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