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Staying Away From Scrutiny- Staying away from Basic Facilities

Staying Away From Scrutiny- Staying away from Basic Facilities is a fictional story written by our editors based on their experiences in their lives.

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Lets the Story Begin…

Staying Away From Scrutiny- Staying away from Basic Facilities, is it even possible? Take yourself as an example, can you pass your single day without even commenting on the ways of your colleagues, friends, relatives, or even family members or say anyone you meet just strolling down the street? The answer is a big “NO” probably.

And you need not worry about this because it’s not just you, it’s not just the person sitting beside you, or its not just me but we are the family of crores of people who engage in this mind-blowing activity in daily life and knowingly or unknowingly become a victim of this unruly character of humankind.

Yes, you might be doing this crime whilst even reading this but you can always safeguard yourself from being a victim. I will say it is not an easy task, it’s well said in our kinds of literature that to get something you need to lose something.

Here, maybe you will lose or gain but yes you will do one courageous thing of living your life for once without apprehending what would the world say, and this to do my friend is not an easy task, it takes what it takes, and sometimes it takes even more than it ever offers.

But life is worth this adventure of knowing your capability of walking into this leaving that very support of blindfold of society-made rules and experiencing life with your both eyes wide open. In light of this, I will narrate to you the story of Pritika, a housewife, and a beautician in a
small town.

She was married and had two beautiful daughters. She was natural at beautifying women and once a client came to her beauty parlor would never in her entire life visit any other. Well in the language of some of her clients she had this as a god gifted and yes she was really very good at her work.

But being good is not all, at least not for Pritika. Right from her childhood she had these big dreams of luxurious life and that too not granted by her father or her husband but life made luxurious by her own efforts.

Yes, she was ambitious, she possessed all the willpower in the world to live up to her dreams. All was good, she started expanding her business, now she had two assistants at her parlor which made her earn all the fortune that a child in her could ever imagine.

But is this the very end of all of that? Cant, she expands more and become a part of the ever-increasing businesses that she saw flourishing on the streets of big cities, in those tall fat malls that she roamed around in summers with her girls? Is that it?

Well, it might have been, but to keep her assistants at bay from opening a business of their own and cutting her clients, which would have cost her a lot in the long run, she always tried to explore her field more and get something new to offer them, to keep an edge over them and thus making them stay with her for as long as it would be possible.

At the very same she started doing her research and tried very hard to remain updated with the ever-changing fashion industry and its trends. This was possible only by attending all sorts of seminars that came up in big cities.

Her husband was albeit a strong supporter of her work but was unable to accompany her to those distant lands that she had to now frequently visit to remain updated. For him staying back at his place and going out with his friends was the biggest pleasure that he didn’t want to miss.

At first, she tried to understand but as time passed they had a lot of quarrels on the same matter and that made the home not a happy place to live in now it may not look that important a topic to have a harsh talk on but I tell you we as humans in long run do need that support for which we all long, otherwise you tell why would people ever marry.

We need support to flourish to do anything in life, and this support is what she needed from him and she was not wrong at wanting to have that. As a husband, it was his duty to be what she wanted and she didn’t ask for a lot.

All she wanted was a little bit of his time and efforts to be with her in her struggle for a better future for them and their two beautiful little girls. But as the time passed and those quarrels now silenced she knew it was all her till one day during the seminar she met a guy who was charming as hell.

For her age doesn’t provide for her to just fall for charm. They started meeting in every other seminar that they attended and to her surprise, he was all that was missing in her husband and that for which she was going mad literally, that care support and a feeling of homeliness.

Having known that she has a beautiful family she was not willing to cross that line for the fear of ruining her world of peace. Peace, a beautiful family really? Yes, it was kind of this before but with time all this wore out and all that remained was a routine of being a mother and a wife.

This routine was killing her from inside. One day, all broke after having struggled with her routine life which was offering her nothing in return, she tried to be disloyal to her husband, her kids, and society, and as this word society came into the picture all her dreams of taking a step forward came to a standstill.

She couldn’t go forward and follow her heart as all sorts of thoughts of scrutiny flashed in front of her. All she could think was what will her daughters think of her? What will society do to her daughters? Will her daughters ever accept her in this way? What will happen to that family that she was happy with?

Can’t she do something that worked for almost 18 years still works for her? And the list goes as far as one can think, I would especially say as far as a mother, daughter, a wife can think. But as I told you already, Pritika was ambitious and she had all the willpower in the world to achieve what has crossed her mind.

She took this decision of getting divorced from her husband and start a new happy life with this guy that she met in those seminars and went on with it. And I tell you it was not that easy as it has been said here by me and read by you. It was a big blow to her.

All sorts of talks about her character, her being disloyal, her being way too forward, and getting brainwashed with the whims that go on in the fashion industry. This was not all when her daughter said to her something out of anger that her ears even couldn’t believe.

She shattered, as for strong women as she was it is ok that people say anything about you. But a mother will always look for herself in her child she would always want her child the least to think of her without bias of any kind.

Pritika was determined and thought that maybe at some age her daughters will be able to understand her, that marriage is not only about procreating and making a family or say just fit into the pre-laid whims of the world. It is more about being there for each other and supporting
each other unconditionally because that is what is called love and which makes a family happy enough to live and spend the whole life with.

Taking a deep breath one day she left all behind and went on to search for that missing emotion of happiness and the feeling of togetherness with his newly found love. It was not easy, she gave up her kids, her beauty parlor, her friends there, her clients, the place that made her what she is today, and a lot of money for her daughters and their upbringing.

And as of now, she is really happy in her life, she has again made a good fortune with her talent and as they said her god gift. Initially, she missed on her so many long made clients but today her clients miss her and many of those ladies who are not happy in their life just think about her and due to this world that they live in, cannot live up to themselves and their life as they cannot stay away from scrutiny, can you? It takes a lot of courage to be happy, the question is, do you have that?

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