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The Impulse of Gratitude – Prosperity in Human Values

The Impulse of Gratitude – Prosperity in Human Values is a fictional story written by our editors based on their experiences in their lives.

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Lets the Story Begin…

The Impulse of Gratitude – Prosperity in Human Values are pathetic, lethargic, ungrateful beings. Are we such foresaid wonderful things? Or is it different with some and not so different from others? Whatever it may be, we never would want to be called all of that.

We know we came into this world to not be infamous at least. Then why are we filled with neglect for others? What we are is because what the world thinks of us. They say you are what you are. But does that hold true always? We may say big things about ourselves and we can be in an ultimate diaspora.

But the truth is we are humans and we tend to in some of the other ways look ourselves in others eyes. And we are inclined to manage just that so beautiful picture of ourselves in the eyes of others and we do anything to achieve just that.

If you don’t rhyme with me here, then tell me don’t you believe in film stars? Aren’t you a big fan of cricket? Many of us fall into either of the two categories. To talk of the film starts, we are ultimately talking about glamour. And what is glamour? It is nothing but what our eyes feast on.

It is what our eyes become easy prey to. It is what we enjoy watching. It is what our eyes would probably like. That is what glamour is all about. Coming to cricket, today even they are taking up glamour to make easy money. It becomes easy with all the fame they have to attract and fool audiences.

What they actually do is not fool us. They just follow what we like to make of them. They try to fit in what we would like to see them in. they are never remiss us, or the market trends. In fact today the whole strategy behind most of the start-ups is market trends.

They try to cater to exactly what people would want of them. They become successful only when they can do this job wonderfully. Today analysts are paid high enough to maintain the top-notch in the trending businesses.

Briefly, I would say we should just move on with the world. The way to flourish is just that. And to do that we should be showing gratitude for either applause or criticism.

We should never dismiss a negative thought about us or our work, instead, we should be happy that people are making time to improve us. That we should do in our daily lives. All the criticism should be aptly put to leverages.

We should never miss a chance on improving and not forget at the same time that criticism is not always a failure. There are all sorts of people, those that will be happy for you, those that will envy you, those that will try to stop you.

Then there will be moments when you will be shattered by all the bad comments coming. All you should do in all these situations is feel grateful and obliged that people are making time just for you.

And criticism never goes in vain, it will always help you improve in “n” number of ways that you might not be knowing.

On this, I would like to put forth a question for you, the answers to which you may drop in the comments section.

The question is – Which of your friend will you value more, “the criticizer” or “The Extoller” and why? I will provide the answer to you in the coming article.

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