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The Stain will Ever Remain – Story about Girls Life

The Stain will ever Remain – Story about Girls Life is a fictional story written by our editors based on their experiences in their lives.

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Lets the Story Begin…

The Stain will Ever Remain – Story about Girls Life say you should forget your past and just stride for a better future. But the question is can anyone just forget that what has happened in their past? Can these philosophers do the same when it comes to them? Whatever they may say or say the world may say.

No one in this world can ever, just flush their past and move forward. No one can overcome that recurrent knock of the happenings of the past.

Why do they say as you grow up you are equipped with the wisdom to lead life. If to forget your past was the real wisdom, how can someone be equipped and with what? People should highlight that silver lining in between what to keep of your past as legacy to gain wisdom to lead your life and that which you should just leave to the past.

And then he talks of positivity, they say you should seek for positivity in anything that happens in life, then if there is positivity in everything that happens to us, then where is that silver lining that asks us to leave somethings and carry the others for a good future.

Why can’t we just get the fact that the stain of the past will ever remain, no matter what?

World talks according to what suits a situation and what proves their point and that too just for the instance. No one wants to believe that they can be wrong at a particular thing whether or not it is their niche.

If we humans were so perfect in the work that we do, then why do we end up doing mistakes, why does a well to do airlines had to shut operations, why once a billionaire had to fled the country due to debts, why a business once-flourishing ends up in bankruptcy.

In short, we have to work according to what the situation demands of us and thus it is important that we don’t forget what was our past. Good or bad every other happening is worth pondering on and keeping its teaching with us to assist us in any way possible.

What is all this research about, today the world is going mad about research? There is research in medical, engineering, paleontology, economics and which field is not touched by the notion of research because that is what keeps us updated and keeps us from mistakes that we might have otherwise committed.

Our life is in itself is research that we do, then how can we forget something and keep something. The significance of any research work is when all the pros and cons are considered and not a single thing is left unnoticed.

The significance of our life totally depends on all of the happenings in the past because that is what will surely shape us and our thinking like humans.

At some point, the world speaks of leaving bitter experiences into the past and at the same time #metoo has taken the world with a storm, now here I am not pointing out anything flawed with this movement, for I very well know that people get stricken by a different kind of loo every another season, these are all waves of different kinds that may end up in good or bad results, that is for sure no one knows, but for the point that is being highlighted here #metoo serves as a good example.

With this movement, people in large numbers are opening up about their bitter experiences from the past, those people who once were taught not to speak up of such matters and just to forget them for their own good.

Ask them were they ever able to just cast off such happenings or are they just the assembled version of those shattered pieces that they were, in the past, when that thing happened? The answer would be probably according to what the world wants them to speak up again.

Sometime back the world was against speaking such things, so everyone kept quiet, now the world wants them to speak up, so they have risen from hibernation. But ask them were they able to sleep in peace anyway?

They say just move on. I say just meet a lover who was deeply attached to each other once. The then love of her life, ask her did she ever forget that charmer? The answer would be no. If you are the one, answer once for your own true self? Have you forgotten that special someone?

We are nothing but the summed up versions of all that has happened to us. When we embark upon a holiday, we never forget the starting point or the path that we took to reach our place of stay.

One who is successful will always boast upon the path of his ultimate success and there she will say more about her bitter experiences than the good ones. The question is why so? Yes, because no one really forgets. No one really moves on.

That was supposed a bad day, you had an awful exchange of strong words with your special someone can you just sleep and let the thing go? And then you just wake up like a new kid into the world? All these things sound simple and with time some people.

I would say, adopt this very method to stay calm. But deep down, if you would like to see, there will always be an empty space that needed to be filled up with kind words. And here is where all the drift towards parallel universe starts.

We get drifted away and it is not long enough when we realize that we lost an important soul.

Significance of each and everyone’s life depends on what we become and the one we become is not by letting go of the bad experiences and keeping the good experiences.

It is rather how we deal now and what we take from that which has now become our part. If we are to find positivity in something than what is wrong in keeping it with us? And if we are to find negativity in something then I would say what is wrong in keeping that too.

Everything that happens in life is to be deemed important and nothing I would say should just stay in the past because you actually cannot.

You keep that bag full of all the happenings with you, whether you believe it or not. You are what you are and all of that comes with you from the life that you have already elapsed.

And that which you are about to live will definitely have a tinge of your past. The world says to run away from your past, I say don’t do that, face it, then will it not become your demon, in fact, you will be happy having it in your subconscious.

Tell me are you happy with having things dealt with or with those that are left for the time being? Well, you know the answer. With all the research that you always do in your subconscious, you will become a pro in dealing with the situations in life.

You will feel the power that it bestows upon you. You will feel rich and worthy. You will be all that you as a person will ever need. You will become a real hero, the one-man army that you always vouched for in you.

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