Love or Lust? to answer this we must understand what this feeling is actually.

The profound ability of our hormones to make us fall for someone is something that keeps us perplexed about the material existence of even the mediators of our bodily functions.

  • What makes us think so?
  • Why do we have to judge such emotions?
  • Why have we become anxious in dealing with literally everything that makes our life wonderful?
  • Above all why are we so free?

I am not against all the science and research behind making love a subject of hormonal regulation but my question is can we really ask for reasons for falling for someone?

I think there are no facts behind such things and we should stop the wasting of money on finding some, and even if there are, we should just let somethings be serene enough to be admired as a doing of nature or as they say something made in heaven. Judging is the duty of people sitting in courts and the best we can do is letting them do their jobs. We are nowadays more and more devoted to the s of others and therefore we get tired soon enough at ours and start blaming all of the universes for the way it functions.

Such is the story of Kartik, an engineering graduate working at a BPO in BANGLORE, who went through a breakup recently from his hometown girlfriend. Talking about her, he could spend hours admiring and appreciating each and every move of hers. He would with pride tell the stories to his friends about how happier he was with her and all the happenings that could be shared. Time passed and realities that were already discussed were now being realized. But what realities? The same problem of a girl not being able to take stand in a relationship and heeding to her parents wishes to marry the guy that they chose for her.

I request you to stop judging her, she already told this situation to Kartik the day he asked her about the future plans. Nothing was hidden or lied about. Having known the problem, Kartik was still much into her, so much that whenever the thought of leaving her came into his mind, he couldn’t keep himself from contacting her. He instead chose to be with her and told to himself, to her and to everyone; let us not destroy our fantabulous present for the improbable future.

He tried his level best to enjoy every moment with her till the day she got engaged to someone else. Suddenly all the love and pride for her slipped from Kartik’s hands like sand and he started discussing her with the pretext of judging every move that she took during their fantabulous relationship. Initially, when they were in a relationship he boasted about the kiss that she advanced on their very first date. He could find positivity in everything that happened then. He used to connect movies and the characters that were portrayed their, with that of hers and always exclaimed the kind of transparency they had in their relationship. But now he connected lust to this and very many incidents that happened then.

He now considered her a thief who took his pride away. Was she the thief or he was the one who gave up things in pleasure? Well, let’s leave this question up to him to answer. What no one can answer is what were these two doing together? Were they in love actually? Well, I think it depends on what color you paint your relations with. Be it love or lust, it is you who decide and it depends on you, how it turns out to be. You may think that the whole world is depending on hormonal regulation to mingle, to increase numbers or it is something divine and holy, it really is the calculation of your mind.

Sometimes there are certain circumstances that we don’t have our veto on and it takes just a bit of your understanding to deal with it like an educated person. You paint it with love or you taint it with lust. Let us beware of this eerie habit of retrospectively judging people and situations. Circumstances may not be in our favor but it is really up to us to keep the divinity of our relations and maintaining the sanctum sanctorum of those long lost relations so that whenever you try to revisit it, it radiates only positivity of the time that you shared together. There are vicissitudes of emotions that encircle a relation, let’s carry the legacy that is holy.

Harshit Gupta

Worked as a content writer in the free time of my college to earn some extra money for my expenses and also it allowed me to develop an additional skill with engineering. I have left my job and working full time on Tales By Males website as an Author. Helping people by providing them useful content which will motivate them to work hard and provide them with peace of inner mind in their life.