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What is a Soulmate?

You must have read plenty of blogs about how you get dopamine hit when you meet your soulmate and all other things but I would like to clarify that these are just scientific terms that sound good in hearing but not so fascinating when you really face it. 

At Tales By Males we would like to explain to you the reality of what is a soulmate.

We would like to present to you the soulmates theory. These soulmates’ theories are the practical talks that our editors have felt and seen in their lives.

We have come up with this major question, and we would like to answer it for you.

How do you know if someone is your soulmate?

A relationship not depending merely upon the exchange of rings but that of thoughts, bond transparency of which surpasses mere knot of some fabric, a reliance that doesn’t necessarily need a declaration in the name of religion or exchange of vows and that which is beyond the made-up concepts of humans.

A person with whom your relationship looks up for the above-mentioned horizons can be your soulmate.

So, if you have ever found someone with whom you can match the horizons mentioned in the above para can be your soulmate. A piece of advice for all our readers is to be practical before announcing someone your soulmate because it is the meeting of two souls and souls to stay together if your body has vanished.

It is easy to fall in love with a person in a month but it’s hard for your souls to fall for each other.

Meeting of souls is allowing someone to look inside you, see your merits and demerits, and making a promise to be together no matter how bad or good the days are, you will be there for each other and if your gut says yes this person is the one then don’t hesitate to take a step forward.

Now not every bond you share is your soulmate and not always will that person be your better half. This person can be anyone with whom you realize your self-worth, with whom you feel homely, the one who energizes you beyond words and become your strength to face the world.

And believe me, not everyone is blessed with a soulmate but if you have one in your life, savor their bond. They are a priceless possession, never lose them.

Do soulmates end up together?

Nowadays we offer ever-decreasing time schedules for the people who really care for us. We tend to befall the people who aren’t really worth our time.

Like, take our own mothers for instance, as they will understand us and we, knowing this fact try to belittle their importance every other day.

We become generalized dealing with them and that becomes our biggest fault because we start seeing the world keeping this fact in mind and we try to fit everyone in the standards of our mother. Don’t make the wrong choices in the process.

To become real late in deciding on what really matters to us, in this aspect of life we as humans have become a tortoise. We ask for more, our expectations with generous people like our mother’s increase. We should realize that it’s a world of giving and take and that’s but a harsh reality.

As being said you always clap with two hands and ending up with your soulmate is as important from your side the much it does by your lover.

If one is having a bad day another can cheer them up or one is going through a hard time another one takes control of life to release the stress from him.

Unless you have the courage and gut says suffering or sacrificing for this person worth you will always be together and nothing can make you guys apart unless it’s a natural disaster.

Do we all have soulmates?

We all have a bond with one person that wherever you see him or talk to him it brings a smile at your face and to have a soulmate kind of a bond we need to become one and as they say, the study starts at home.

So try not generalizing people on the basis of their availability, be happy in what is being offered, don’t want for what will never be yours, value what you already have in your life, let these soulmates of yours not slip away from your hand in the run for what may never end up as one.

Believe me, you are always surrounded by ample opportunities you need to just be the one to get one. And if you are lacking at any point in life in finding one just believe in God. Hope is the only thing that keeps billions of humans on this planet live for so long. We the team of Tales By Males also pray for all of our readers to find their soulmates.

This video will help you find your soulmate

I hope what is a Soulmate theory will help you in finding the real meaning of soulmate and also helps you in finding one for yourself.

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