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Why are Human Rights Important?

Why are Human Rights Important? is a fictional story written by our editors based on their experiences in their lives.

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Lets the Story Begin…

Why are Human Rights Important? What if you knew already about your rights and your duties? What if you were in advance aware of the principle on which all of the universes, at least yourself should be working? The world would suddenly appear a better and less confusing to live in, right?

Sometimes it happens that our relatives help us getting a good job and a good career. And we end up thinking that they did a favor that needs to be repaid. Is this your thinking too? Are you into such clutches set forth by those witty fellow beings?

Well, I would say you should never end up thinking like this, for the assistance they provided is instead their responsibility. Now, this may sound indifferent, but that is what makes all the difference. Take, for example, your parents do everything to give you a good education and life.

Now providing education is their duty that they are fulfilling and that is your basic right. Sometimes we even end up thinking this in an opposite manner. We are made to think that the education our parents imparted us was never their duty, they did a favor on us.

I will say this very thinking of yours is a rebuttal of the basic natural laws. As a parent, it becomes their duty to impart their child basic education. And it becomes our duty to help them through their advanced years, the way they helped us during our childhood.

We all call our governments to provide for our basic needs and the same way it is the duty of the governors of our family to provide us education. Governors do not only include parents but our all the relatives.

Thus it becomes their duty to assist us the way they can and believe me in getting the help you are not getting burdened with favors. You can never be. If a person you know, maybe your relative, your friend or say an acquaintance, is in a position that they can help you aggrandize you, then they, by all means, should do that.

That is their duty and your right. the problem is we are made to think in an antagonistic way to this fact. We talk of nepotism, but I tell you nepotism doesn’t work well for the undeserving. If you are deserving, you will be granted favor by the Gods themselves and if you are not, you will surely find that for yourself.

The world needs to take a deep breath and you are the world. You need not believe whatever they may say. You can have your own reasons for anything and everything. This is again your basic right and it is the duty of the world to provide you some slack on that. Because this is where you are relieved of so many times in life you get free to think, speak, and act.

You can fly into the world of possibilities that await your flap and that you can do when you are away from all worldly nuisance and that is the point of all the positive change that you can bring in your life. That is where all the difference is made. That is the fulcrum of all variance.

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