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What will it be like – India after Coronavirus?

India after Coronavirus from my imagination since Coronavirus lockdown came to India about a time when I really needed a break from people, college, and everything else.

Schools and universities were closed for 15 days, I thought a few days off would do me good. My parents called me home since there was nothing for a student to do in another city.

When Lockdown started!

The first few days were amazing, Ghar-ka-khana, staying awake at night binge-watching shows and waking up late in the morning – it all seemed like a dream come true. I was enjoying every bit of it.

Days went by and the number of cases kept rising steadily, despite the strict lockdown implemented across the nation. A few weeks later it struck me – how long is this going to go on for?

I had plenty of time to do literally anything – finish the movies and series I’ve wanted to watch for so long, learn a new skill, catch up with my old friends, learn cooking, or read the books that I never read saying “I don’t have the time”!

But I just couldn’t do anything and felt unmotivated and distracted all the time. I would wake up in the morning and decide to do something productive but would end up not doing anything.

Posts on a social media platform that said the lockdown is not a productivity contest and it’s alright if you don’t feel like doing anything made me feel better to some extent. But for how long could I sit inactive at home?

An Opportunity to Build Back Better

I took up several online courses to keep myself busy. It did help me keep my mind off of overthinking, but not for long.

It would build on from the point where I would start questioning my self-worth, whether I will ever be able to achieve anything in life or become successful. But there were good days too. On some days, I sat with my younger brothers and talked to them.

I helped my mother do the house chores. I applied for work from home internships which helped me to a great extent and stopped me from overthinking. I started playing chess online, and with ever passing day, I’m getting better at it!

India has lifted off the nationwide lockdown, except for a few states where the cases have been increasing rapidly, but I still can’t go out. Today is the 106th day since the lockdown was implemented in my country, and I’ve gotten comfortable being at home and doing nothing all day long.

There are days where I often think about things like – will life ever go back to normal? Will I ever get to go to a movie theatre? Will I ever get to eat street food again? And the most important one – will it ever come to an end? I guess no one has an answer to these questions.

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Sundush Nashat