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Absurdity means the quality of being stupid and unreasonable, or silly in a humorous way. Absurdity is used in existentialist and related philosophy to describe absurdly pointless efforts to try to find such meaning or purpose in an objective and uncaring world, a philosophy known as absurdism.

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  1. “Each absurdity has a hero to guard it.”
  1. “The world stands on absurdities, and without them maybe nothing at all would occur.”
  1. “In the event that at first the thought isn’t absurd, there is no expectation for it.”
  1. “At the point when absurdities get rehashed frequently enough, they begin seeming like truth.”
  1. “The irrationality of a thing is no argument against its existence, rather a condition of it.”
  1. “That which seems the height of absurdity in one generation often becomes the height of wisdom in another.”
  1. “In the sphere of thought, absurdity and perversity remain the masters of the world, and their dominion is suspended only for brief periods.”
  1. “No one but man can be absurd: for no one but man can be honorable.”
  1. “Only by living absurdly is it possible to break out of this infinite absurdity.”
  1. “At any traffic intersection the sensation of absurdity can strike any man in the face.”
  1. “No measure of manifest absurdity… could discourage the individuals who needed to accept from accepting.”
  1. “Absurdities pass on from self-strangulation.”
  1. “Happiness and the absurd are two sons of the same earth. They are inseparable.”
  1. “Absurdity, n.: A statement or belief manifestly inconsistent with one’s own opinion.”
  1. “The concept of absurdity is something I’m attracted to.”
  1. “If you’re going to get into social criticism with absurdity and satire, you can’t be politically correct when you do that.”
  1. “Absurdity is what I like most throughout everyday life.”
  1. “An ostentatious man will rather relate a blunder or an absurdity he has committed, than be debarred from talking of his own dear person.”
  1. “In love, everything is true, everything is false; it is the one subject on which one cannot express an absurdity.”
  1. “The honor of absurdity; to which no living animal is subject, yet man as it were.”
  1. “The deeper the experience of an absence of meaning – in other words, of absurdity – the more energetically meaning is sought.”
  1. “Absurdities are perfect or little with respect to custom or insuetude.”
  1. “Any man whose love of horses is stronger than his fear of being an absurdity is all right with me.”
  1. “Maybe I’m especially serious, in light of the fact that I’m not uninformed about the likely absurdity of what I’m doing.”
  1. “I got shot in the head by my own guys in my foxhole. And they didn’t even give me an honorable death.”
  1. “Even though you can’t expect to defeat the absurdity of the world, you must make that attempt.”
  1. “Life is full of strange absurdities, which, strangely enough, do not even need to appear plausible, since they are true.”
  1. “A prophet or an achiever must never mind an occasional absurdity, it is an occupational risk.”
  1. “Almost all absurdity of conduct arises from the imitation of those who we cannot resemble.”
  1. “Faith is reason denying absurdity in the face of the unknown.”

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