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“The Bigger Picture” is a protest song by an American rapper “Lil Baby”. Lil Baby dropped this song around the time George Floyd was killed. Lil Baby shows solidarity with the 2020 Black Lives Matter protests calling for justice against police brutality in the United States and systemic racism.So we have created a list of Bigger Picture Quotes to motivate you and to get more .

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  1. “Learn to see the big picture. Oftentimes we get tunnel vision and lose sight of the big picture and what we’re really trying to accomplish.”
  1. “Anyway close things are, you actually need to have a higher perspective, which is extremely important to you.”
  1. “It is vital to wonder why you’re doing what you’re doing and what reason it serves in the 10,000 foot view.”
  1. “The secret to failing to remember the 10,000 foot view is to see everything close-up.”
  1. “At the point when you focus on detail, the 10,000 foot view will deal with itself.”
  1. “May you track down Motivation in the higher perspective, however may you track down Adoration in the subtleties.”
  1. “Some of the time when you lose yourself, you track down YOURSELF.”
  1. “In the event that you simply center around the littlest subtleties, you won’t ever understand everything right.”
  1. “Subtleties make the higher perspective.”
  1. “Higher perspective scholars expand their standpoint by endeavoring to gain from each insight. They don’t lay on their victories, they gain from them.”
  1. “Shun the fantastic. Evade the Epic. Every one of the folks who can arrange incredibly large pictures can paint extraordinary little ones.”
  1. “To understand the situation, escape the dull valleys, move to the radiant culminations!”
  1. “Positive individuals can keep a more extensive point of view and understand the situation completely which assists them with recognizing arrangements whereas gloomy individuals keep a smaller point of view and will generally zero in on issues.”
  1. “Review and test a planned activity prior to undertaking it. Before you continue, step back and take a gander at the higher perspective, in case you act thoughtlessly on a crude drive.”
  1. “The higher perspective doesn’t simply come from distance; it additionally comes from time.”
  1. “The 10,000 foot view is that there is no higher perspective.That is the reason we continue to paint it.”
  1. “We learn most promptly, most normally, most really, when we start with the 10,000 foot view – exactly when the rudiments don’t start things out.”
  1. “Having an arrangement, a higher perspective is significant. You can digress from it or change it totally, yet it gives you something to work for.”
  1. “Development is numerous things. It is the capacity to put together a judgment with respect to the 10,000 foot view, the long stretch.”
  1. “Your higher perspective won’t ever be a magnum opus on the off chance that you overlook the small brushstrokes. You’re making a good attempt to find lasting success that genuine progress is avoiding you.”
  1. “Delight in life did not depend on pleasant conditions. It is a mentality of the heart, a choice to appreciate everything since everything – close to nothing, apparently irrelevant things – have a section in the generally speaking “10,000 foot view” of life.”
  1. “One difficult situation isn’t the higher perspective.”
  1. “Try not to view the higher perspective as the main accomplishment. Begin with set, savvy objectives and stir up to something greater.”
  1. “I have a higher perspective viewpoint, I’m willing to fall, and I comprehend it’s alright to fall, however I will get back up, I might make a stride back, yet eventually, I will take a goliath jump forward.”
  1. “Some of the time you needn’t bother with an objective throughout everyday life, you don’t have to know the higher perspective. you simply have to understand what you will do straightaway!”
  1. “It’s difficult so that youthful players might appreciate the situation. They simply see three or four years not too far off.”
  1. “Individuals who have “their own issues” frequently don’t remain behind and take a gander at the higher perspective; they’re too in the middle of organizing their own issues.”
  1. “Keep in mind, Satan loves to make us center around the little that is off-base so we miss the 10,000 foot view of all believe it or not.”
  1. “In the big picture we are everlasting.”
  1. “I don’t see the big picture. I don’t have a clue. But I know God does. I’m going to declare that, even if I don’t feel it right now.”

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