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King Lear is a tragedy written by William Shakespeare. It is based on the mythological Leir of Britain. King Lear, in preparation for his old age, divides his power and land to two of his .To inspire you to become successful in life we have created a list of Famous Quotes on King Lear to motivate you and to get more about King Lear.

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  1. “At the point when we are conceived, we cry that we are arrived at this incredible phase of simpletons.”
  1. “Nothing will happen to nothing: talk once more.”
  1. “The sovereign of obscurity is a courteous fellow!”
  1. “I can’t hurl my heart into my mouth. I love your highness as per my bond; not any more no less.”
  1. “I’m a man more trespassed against than erring.”
  1. ” My affection’s more massive than my tongue”
  1. “Thy dowerless little girl, lord, tossed to my opportunity, Is sovereign of us, of our own, and our fair France.”
  1. “What’s more, more terrible I might be yet: the most awful isn’t insofar as we can say ‘This is horrible.”
  1. “Thou workmanship a heat up, a plague sore, a decorated carbuncle in my tainted blood.”
  1. “Time will unfurl what plighted crafty stows away. Who cover issues, finally disgrace them scorns.”
  1. “How much more keen than a snake’s tooth it is to have an unpleasant kid!”
  1. “Appropriate disfigurement shows not in the beast so particularly repulsive as in lady.”
  1. “Selfishness, thou marble-hearted savage, More repulsive when thou showest you in a kid than the ocean beast!”
  1. “Who is it that can perceive me who I am?”
  1. “At the point when we are conceived, we cry that we are arrived at this incredible phase of blockheads.”
  1. “Numerous genuine words have been verbally expressed jokingly.”
  1. “Talk about what we feel, not what we should say.”
  1. “How much more keen than a snake’s tooth is To have an unpleasant youngster!”
  1. “I’m a man more trespassed against than erring”
  1. “Jokingly, there is truth.”
  1. “Men should get through Their going consequently, even as their approach here. Readiness is all.”
  1. “The specialty of our necessities is abnormal. That can make awful things valuable.”
  1. “Love’s not love .At the point when it is blended with respects that stand Reserved from th’ whole point.”
  1. “You are not worth the residue which the discourteous breeze blows in front of you”
  1. “Ay, each inch a ruler.”
  1. “I’m a man More sinn’d against than erring.”
  1. “The wheel has come full circle: I am here.”
  1. “Supplicate you presently, neglect and pardon.”
  1. “Albeit the last, not least.”
  1. “Come not between the mythical serpent and his rage.”
  1. “No, I will be the example of all tolerance;/I will not say anything.”
  1. “I’m an exceptionally stupid affectionate elderly person, Fourscore and up, not an hour more nor less. What’s more, to bargain obviously ,I dread that I am not in my ideal brain.”
  1. “Presently, divine beings, defend mongrels!”
  1. “Miserable that I am, I can’t hurl My heart into my mouth. I love your highness According to my bond, no more nor less.”
  1. “At the point when we are conceived, we cry that we are arrived at this extraordinary phase of imbeciles.”
  1. “Have more than thou showest, Talk not as much as thou knowest, Loan not as much as thou owest”
  1. “I’m a man more trespassed against than erring.”
  1. “As flies to wanton young men are we to th’ gods.They kill us for their game.”

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