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Jimmy Ray Dean was an American country music singer, television host, actor and businessman. He was the creator of the Jimmy Dean sausage brand as well as the spokesman for its TV commercials. He published his autobiography in 2004, titled 30 Years of Sausage, 50 Years of Ham, which contains many more inspirational quotes drawn from his life, and which continue to motivate more and more people. He is remembered as someone who overcame poverty, achieved success, and gave back to his community. So we have created a list of Jimmy Dean Quotes that are selected by our editorial team. 

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  1. “You have to take a stab no less than one time per day, since you could be circumventing the entire day and not even know it.”
  1. “I can’t redirect the breeze, however I can change my sails to constantly arrive at my objective.”
  1. “Poverty was the greatest motivating factor in my life.”
  1. “Love is a frozen yogurt dessert, with every one of the radiant covers. Sex is the clincher.”
  1. “I’ve seen a million marvels. They’re all over. Each green leaf is a marvel.”
  1. “A lot of things I am, and a lot of things I am not. But I think I’m about as good an American as there is. I love this country. It’s been very, very good to me. And it will be good to anybody if they are willing to give of themselves.”
  1. “I won’t go huntin with you, Jake, however I’ll go pursuing ladies.”
  1. “I used to help my granddaddy make sausage. He would mix it up in a cleaned-out washtub with his hands, no gloves. Man, if we did anything like that today, they would jack the jail up and throw us under it.”
  1. “I made more money yesterday than I ever thought I’d make in an entire lifetime. But it’s like somebody’s going to take it all away from me and I’ll be back in Texas, installing them damned irrigation wells. I didn’t like that when I was sixteen. And I know I wouldn’t like it when I’m eighty.”
  1. “I’ve seen so many people in this business that made a fortune. They get old and broke and can’t make any money. I tell you something… no one’s going to play a benefit for Jimmy Dean.”
  1. “God is bigger than people think.”
  1. “Someone said he came from New Orleans, where he got in a battle about a Cajun sovereign. What’s more, a devastating blow from a gigantic right hand, sent a Louisiana fella to the Guaranteed Land.”
  1. “I can not change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.”
  1. “I better know how to take care of myself.”
  1. “Sausage is a great deal like life. You get out of it about what you put into it.”
  1. “You know you’re getting old when you go to more funerals than you do weddings.”
  1. “Do what you say you’re going to do. And try to do it a little better than you said you would.”
  1. “Being a Baptist won’t keep you from sinning, but it’ll sure as hell keep you from enjoying it.”
  1. “I don’t want anything seventy-thirty. Fifty-fifty’s always good enough for me.”
  1. “Nobody, man or woman, has ever wrecked a good marriage.”

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