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Krieg Quotes are one of the fundamental characters in Borderland 2. He is the 6th playable psycho character in the game. Borderland 2 revealed  his character on March 24, 2013.Krieg is introduced to players while destroying bandits with his buzz axe in Pandora’s  wasteland. Maya’s first meeting with Krieg. He gave off an impression of being an exceptionally forceful individual. She connects with Kreig in battle by starting to shoot at him. The rodent bunches are scared because of this accidental assault. So we have created a list of Krieg Quotes that are selected by our editorial team.

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  1. “She can taste the ridiculous scorn!”
  1. “Seems as though Duke young men are in a difficult situation.”
  1. “I powdered my cockatiel for the ribcage butcher.”
  1. “You don’t bite the dust today, you pass on each day.”
  1. “Such a large number of iconsssss.”
  1. “‘Chuckles’ Your liver is a hood trimming.”
  1. “I investigated the core of murkiness, and I ate everything!.”
  1. “That is the stuff! I will place my aggravation into your spirit!”
  1. “I want to ride a meat bike.”
  1. “I have the shiniest meat bike.”
  1. “I will kill your passing.”
  1. “For what reason did your BLOOD quit singing its sweet tune.”
  1. “Mahahaha! My brain is ablaze.”
  1. “The decisions are fatiguing my curve? However, which one makes the prettiest clamor?.”
  1. “You’re in my spot.”
  1. “I’m here to knife and grin.”
  1. “At some point I’ll be out of this damnation and you’ll be no more” “Areola SALAT.”
  1. “Kill the ones you love! Do it.”
  1. “There’s no grill until I say there’s a grill.”
  1. “I’m the guide of the crap train.”
  1. “Swing the hatchet and drink the wellbeing!.”
  1. “How might I snap your neck on the off chance that you don’t have one?.”
  1. “Areola Plates of mixed greens! Areola plates of mixed greens… Areola Plates of mixed greens! By a long shot awesome.”
  1. “Box cover, box cover! I’m the person who eats the fame! I’m the legend of the multitude of bad guys! You can’t swallow my ethical quality like a candy pill! I’ll go around your psyche and set the worldwide best with my meat sleeves.”
  1. “Much thanks to you for riding the Psycho Express, honk! All on board, I’ll gather your tickets, we will have drinks in the Feasting Vehicle.”
  1. “No one kills me except for ME.”
  1. “Pathetic individuals plan, argue copiously ample axiom sensational loyalist pounds, poundingly unreasonable manikins pulping, wonderfully, foul pasties.”
  1. “I’ll cut off your eyelids so you can watch the end.”

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