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Genji is a masterful flanker in Overwatch. He has very high mobility. He excels at close-quarter combat with the use of ultimate ability while remaining safe from projectiles with his deflecting skill. He is known to be slippery during team fights and is a great assassin. He is a cyborg ninja who has freed himself from his criminal past and the war with his cybernetic body.Genji flings precise and deadly Shurikens at his targets and uses his technologically-advanced wakizashi to deflect projectiles or deliver a Swift Strike that cuts down enemies Genji is blatantly copied from Raiden’s design in Metal Gear Rising, specifically the white alternate suit released by Revoltech in 2014. it’s the most overt of Overwatch’s “inspirations”, I think.So we have created a list of Overwatch Genji Quotes that are selected by our editorial team. 

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  1. “A phenomenal battle.”
  1. “A consistent edge adjusts the spirit.”
  1. “Incredible strategy!”
  1. “Think upon your activities.”
  1. “Measure two times, cut once.”
  1. “I spent numerous hours of my wasted youth here.”
  1. “My sharp edge is fit to be released.”
  1. “This body isn’t a weapon. It’s an innovative prosthesis. That is the best portrayal I can imagine.”
  1. “Overwatch saved my life. I was a man scarcely alive, yet they had the option to modify me. They… had the innovation.”
  1. “The foe teleporter is at this point not our anxiety.”
  1. “My definitive is charged. Assault with me!”
  1. “Adversary safeguard generator annihilated.”
  1. “A consistent edge adjusts the spirit.”
  1. “I won’t ever take a gander at tsukimi the same way from this point forward… “
  1. “We will fight in the future.”
  1. “We are losing the goal, push them back.”
  1. “I’m content with what my identity was. Your alarming statement doesn’t concern me.”
  1. “Know yourself despite death.”
  1. “I’m moving the payload.”
  1. “The payload moves, we should guard it.”
  1. “The payload is moving, stop it.”
  1. “We really want to stop the payload, join upon it.”
  1. “The payload is stopped.”
  1. “Genji is with you.”
  1. “Allow us to expect an alternate result.”
  1. “You are an odd one… however I sense we are more similar than we are unique.”
  1. “The fight proceeds.”
  1. “You have saved me once more, Dr. Ziegler.”
  1. Vengeance takes just the person who looks for it.”
  1. “Nobody can stop us when we are together!”
  1. “Our foes have the high ground for the present, let us reverse the situation.”
  1. “Our point is enduring an onslaught, let us free ourselves of these undesirable visitors.”
  1. “The goal is mine. Be speedy about it.”
  1. “Avoid Hanamura, evil presence.”
  1. “Break the cutoff!”
  1. “You actually have no faith in me, isn’t that right?”
  1. “Mock demise at your own danger.”
  1. “What’s more, I thought a ninja battles beasts just in fantasy and legend.”
  1. “I discovered that from my sibling.”
  1. “I have the high ground this time, Expert.”
  1. “Equilibrium and concordance reverberate around you. I’m satisfied to battle with such a partner.”
  1. The winged serpent and I are one.”
  1. “Break the cutoff!”
  1. “Know yourself notwithstanding passing.”
  1. “Like slicing through silk”
  1. “The payload is halted, get it rolling!”
  1. “Stop the payload.”
  1. “Think upon your activities.”
  1. “A tempest past the waterway.”
  1. “Measure two times, cut once.”

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