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Rolex founder Hans Wilsdorf was a firm believer in the power of testimonies about a brand and its products. The most notable event in Rolex’s history regarding this was when Mercedes Gleitze became the first woman to swim the English channel and Hans Wilsdorf used her testament in a front-page ad in the DailyMail. This effectively became the first Rolex testimony and led Rolex onto a track where testimonies would play a crucial and central role in promoting the brand and its watches.So we have created a list of Rolex Quotes that are selected by our editorial team.

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  1. “It doesn’t simply say what time it is. It tells history.”
  1. “Rolex Watch worn during Record endeavor nevertheless going wonderfully despite unpleasant utilization.”
  1. “Permit me to tell you of the extraordinary enjoyment I’m having with this momentous Rolex watch of such high accuracy and remarkable elements.”
  1. “My Rolex is a persistent joy, and works commendably.”
  1. “My Rolex Datejust has presented to me a lot of fulfillment. “
  1. “This appealing Rolex watch has become one of my glad belongings. I have been exceptionally satisfied by its precision and dependability as well as its lovely appearance.”
  1. “Rolex watches acted perfectly under any and the very most awful circumstances under the sun, this time as well as on past campaigns to Mount Everest.”
  1. “They performed marvelously and we have to be sure to come to view Rolex Clams as a significant piece of high climbing hardware.”
  1. “Rolex has acquainted me with the absolute most pleasant individuals. I get some information about their Rolex and they get some information about mine. It’s as grand a discussion piece as it is a watch.”
  1. “The Rolex Submariner and Ocean Occupant have a cachet that is unrivaled by some other watch. The Rolex brand is the most exceptionally regarded in my book. “
  1. “A refined man’s decision of watch says exactly that about him as does his Saville Line suit.”
  1. “He couldn’t simply wear a watch. It must be a Rolex.”
  1. “Rolex has shared the entire time throughout the previous 47 years.”
  1. “Rolex is the quintessential quality watch and I’m incredibly glad for my significant time-frame relationship with them.”
  1. “What I like about Rolex is that they don’t think twice about it. That is the reason I’ve worn a Rolex for more than twenty years.”
  1. “My better half Joanne gave me my Rolex Daytona when I began dashing back in 1972.”
  1. “At the point when a man has a world in his grasp, you hope to track down a Rolex on his wrist.”
  1. “A watch is as much a piece of a man’s or alternately lady’s closet as it is an instrument for estimating time.”
  1. “At the point when I previously brought in a minimal expenditure, I purchased my most memorable watch which was a Rolex Daytona. It was only something or other that said I was fruitful.”
  1. “Rolexes never lose esteem, so I began getting two or three them. I like them. Besides the fact that they look great yet they function admirably.”
  1. “We need to be the main in the field and Rolex ought to be viewed as the unrivaled the best.”
  1. “Time is cash, so I proceeded to purchase a Rolex.”
  1. “A Rolex watch or a costly vehicle are the things folks frequently use to show status, riches, and fundamental attractiveness.”
  1. “Each man needs a decent, strong watch. My #1 watch is the Official Rolex. I own many watches, however this one is generally the one on my wrist.”
  1. “There’s no distinction between a crude Jew and a rap star. The two of them need the Cadillac and the Rolex with the jewels.”
  1. “I don’t think I’ll at any point be a genuine boat correspondent. My Rolex isn’t adequately large.”
  1. “I realize it sounds odd, yet I need to make a Rolex-quality screwdriver.”
  1. “Undetectably set, the Rolex is anonymous. I’m simply youthful, rich, yet your dull.”
  1. “My Rolex Shellfish not just stayed waterproof during my swim across the English Channel, however it additionally kept amazing time.”
  1. “A fine watch is essential for dressing like an honorable man. At the point when I originally brought in a minimal expenditure, I purchased my most memorable watch which was a Rolex Daytona. It was only something or other that said I was effective.””

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