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School days are almost over and you might have some mixed feelings about it. On one hand, you’re probably feeling sad that you won’t get to see your friends as often as you’re used to. On the other hand, you’re excited about starting a new chapter in your life. The excitement of finally graduating high school is almost unavoidable. Everyone who’s been there remembers the feeling. High school is the time to make glorious and fantastic mistakes. So we have created a list of The Best Senior Quotes that are selected by our editorial team. 

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  1. “You can fall flat at what you don’t need, so you should take a risk on making every moment count.”
  1. “Think beyond practical boundaries and set out to fizzle.”
  1. “Certain things get your attention, however seek after just those that catch the heart.”
  1. “We don’t recall days, we recollect minutes. “
  1. “The most ideal way to foresee what’s to come is to make it.”
  1. “What’s to come has a place with the individuals who plan for it today.”
  1. “The crucial initial step to getting the things you deeply desire is this: conclude what you need.”
  1. “Dream no little dreams for they have no ability to move the hearts of men.”
  1. “At the point when you go, go with everything that is in you.”
  1. “Everything we could ever hope for can work out assuming we dare to seek after them.”
  1. “The most frightening second is in every case not long before you start.”
  1. “Keep your face generally toward the daylight – and shadows will fall behind you.”
  1. “You can guide yourself toward any path you pick. “
  1. “At any point attempted. At any point fizzled. Regardless. Attempt Once more. Bomb once more. Bomb better. “
  1. “All that you’ve at any point needed is on the opposite side of dread.”
  1. “Construct your own fantasies, or another person will recruit you to fabricate theirs.”
  1. “Head Unhesitatingly in the path of your fantasies. Carry on with the existence you have envisioned.”
  1. “My desire, as far as you might be concerned, is that this life turns into all that you need it to, your fantasies stay large, your concerns stay little.”
  1. “It will take a country of millions to keep me down.”
  1. “Impossible is just an opinion.”
  1. “Make sure to surrender the great to go for the extraordinary.”
  1. “Be what your identity is and get out whatever you feel, since the individuals who brain don’t make any difference and the people who matter wouldn’t fret. “
  1. “Open doors don’t occur. You make them. “
  1. “Graduation isn’t the end; it’s the start.”
  1. “Cling tightly to dreams, for assuming that fantasies kick the bucket, life is a messed up winged bird that can’t fly.”
  1. “There are no alternate ways to any place worth going.”
  1. “You don’t need to see the entire flight of stairs, simply venture out. “
  1. “The old guidelines are disintegrating and no one understands what the new principles are. So make up your own principles.”
  1. “Begin where you are. Use what you have. Give your very best..”
  1. “At the point when the caterpillar thought the world was finishing, he transformed into a butterfly.”

We hope these Best Senior Quotes  people would have inspired and motivated you to keep  working hard and focus on your goal to become a successful leader in life.

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